Thursday, February 4, 2016

100 Melting Crayons. 100 Day of School Craft Idea

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100 Melting Crayons

We are getting ready for the 100th Day of School and my son needs to bring 100 items to showcase. Jax and I went back and forth between 100 pennies, 100 cars, & 100 Lego's. We just couldn't decide. Then, Jax said "what about crayons?"

 DONE! Let's do this!

I'm obsessed with crafting with crayons. You may remember these crayon post from years ago...

Enough about the past! Lets get started on our 100th day of school crayon craft!

Supplies you will need:

Glue Glue:

#1. Mom or Dad, glue 50 crayons on the top of the poster board. 

#2. Glue 50 crayons on the bottom of the poster board. Have the tips of the crayons facing each other.

#3. With Scissors trim the poster board if needed. We had to cut almost half off.

#4. Stick your Washi Tape in the shape of  the number "100" on your board. The washi tape will fold when you bend it. It's really thin and easy to work with.

#5.  Use your blow dryer and start melting the crayons. Keep the heat only on the tip of the crayons and do not let the air blow around. It will splatter. Try to keep the blow dryer pointing down. Your kids will have a blast doing this. Your goal is to cover the washi tape.

Tip: Melted crayon is hard to get off surfaces, so go to the garage and find a place you don't mind getting messy. We used a plastic back drop and a piece of wood. Outside grass would be a great spot too.

#6. Once your washi tape is half way covered in crayon, flip your poster board over and melt the rest of the crayons. 

#7. When the crayons are melted and your washi tape is covered use the "cool" setting on your blow dryer.

Done with the blow dryer!

#8. Take off the washi tape. This took a little time, but we got it off! An older sister is great for this :)

Viola! Our 100 Melting Crayon Craft came out adorable! We added a name tag to the front in case his teacher decides to hang it up for awhile.

It's like he aged overnight! 

My daughter didn't have the chance to dress 100-years-old, so this was a fun project for Jax and I. Did you kids get to dress old on their 100th day of school?

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Friday, January 29, 2016

DIY 3D Yorkie Cake

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.Cakes by Raychel

It's been a few years since I created this 3d Yorkie Cake and it came across my timehop today. I just wanted to share it with my readers. 

This cake was a challenge. To say it was time consuming is an understatement, but the cakes you're most proud of are the ones which took the most time. 

The base of this "YORKIE" cake was white cake. It was a small cake, so I used two 6" rounds & two 4" rounds. I stacked them on top of each other and carved it out slightly. Then, I used rice krispie treats for the front legs and the head. Use a cake dowel to hold the head on the cake.

When you're covering it in fondant use a thick layer, then carve grooves into it making strands of hair. 

Here are some items I used creating this Yorkie Cake...

These cuties were my inspiration!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rustic Texas String Art

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Like most Texans, I'm proud to live in the lonestar state. This Texas String Art is the perfect way to show my Texan pride and I love the rustic feel of the stained wood and twine combined.

My brother and my new sister in law (3 weeks married)  made these as Christmas gifts for the siblings. We encouraged them to start their own Etsy page. 

You will have the option of stain color, string color, and state. It makes the perfect gift and it's one of the biggest string arts I've seen on Etsy. They take custom orders too. 

This Home State String Art looks great anywhere in your house. Next to the fire place or hanging above it.

Which state would you choose?

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Monday, January 25, 2016

3 steps to longer lashes

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Makeup Monday

We all want longer lashes, right? For the lash 2 years, oops I mean LAST two years I've been able to have the longest lashes I've ever had. 

In 3 easy steps you can have your longest lashes too. 

It's been six months since our formula for our 3d Fiber Lashes has changed. Now, it's Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes + and here is how you can get longer lashes today in 3 easy steps. 

It goes on just like mascara! Remember, these 3 easy steps.
  1. Apply the Gel just like mascara. Give you lashes a good coat.
  2. Apply the Fibers to the tips of your lashes. Don't go near the waterline.
  3. Apply a 2nd good layer of Gel. You want to seal those fibers in.

All about Younique's 3d Fiber Lashes Plus mascara...
  • It's buildable! Just remember always seal them in with gel.
  • It's water resistant
  • It's safe for contact wearers & sensitive eyes
  • It's hypoallergenic 
  • It increases your lashes up to 400%
We have a Love it Guarantee so if you don't like it you can get a refund.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Exposed Rainbow Cake. Sweet Friday.

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Rainbow Cake Exposed!

If you're a huge lover of exposed cakes then you will love this beautiful Exposed Rainbow Cake. There is something so rustic and gorgeous about an exposed cake. I just love them.

I'm not a big fan of icing, so this is the perfect amount of sweetness for my sweet tooth. 

I used Ameri-Color Food Coloring in Red, Orange, Yellow, Leaf Green, blue, & Sky Blue. You can get your own pack here...
(click the picture)

If you have just one cake pan this may take awhile; it will be worth the wait.

#1. Mix white (even yellow) cake mix with your Ameri-Color Food Coloring until it's blended. Put the colorful mixture into a cake pan and bake. Do the same thing for each color in the same sized cake pan. 

TIP: If your cake is cooked too golden for the beautiful colors to show use a serrated knife and cut around the cake edges. Freeze the cake for 15 minutes before doing so. This will create less crumbs as you're cutting. A better option is to find a large bowl big enough to use as a cutter. Like an over sized cookie cutter.

#2. Once your cake is cooled, ice the top with your favorite icing.

#3. Stack your colors in the order you would like. Press down firmly.

Tip: If your tall cake is too wobbly put it into the fridge. The stiffer the frosting the sturdier the cake.

#4. Place a long cake dowel inside the cake to keep it from falling over.

#5.  Create Sprinkles from crumbled cake pieces for the top of your rainbow cake.

DIY Rainbow Flag...

This rainbow flag is ribbon folded and glued over a cake dowel. Cut and heat seal the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't frey. Easy as pie (or should I say cake).

Save some of your batter from each cake color to make rainbow cupcakes. Just like these Camo Cupcakes my friend made a few years ago. Check them out!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Conceited Lipstick from Younique

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This color looked too PINK for me, so it's been sitting in my makeup stash since September. 
Let me tell you...

Conceited Lipstick from Younique is gorgeous! I'm loving it. 

Not only does this color look good on my skin tone it looks good on all skin tones. 

Look at those lips!

Younique Lipsticks go on smooth, feels like chapstick, provides full coverage and doesn't feather. You're going to love it and we have 15 shades to choose from. 

Now, as Elizabeth Taylor once said...

"Put on some lipstick & pull yourself together."

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Decoupage Snowman Hymns. Christmas Decor.

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Snowman Hymns

When I saw these Decoupage Snowmen come across my Facebook newsfeed I just knew I had to share these with you. Are these not the cutest Christmas decorations you've seen? I'm obsessed!

I don't know all the details on how Ashley made these, but here is a behind the scenes picture.

  • cardboard (or wood) snowman cutout
  • your favorite hymn
  • antique it out
  • add your finishing touches: scarf, buttons, & decorated hat

If you would like more information on Ashley's Decoupage Snowmen please contact her HERE. She is one of the most creative people I know. Follow her to stay up to date on her latest creations. You will not be disappointed. 

So, what is your favorite Christmas Hymn? 

The First Nowell gets to me every time. 

Ashley, thank you for letting me share you creative way!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Perfect Nude Lipstick

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Nude Lips

Yeah, I'm not sure what I was so scared of, but I finally wore my Well-To-Do Lipstick for the first time out of the house. I received so many compliments, so this look will be happening again. 

Our Well-To-Do Lipstick makes the perfect nude lip!
I went for the Nude Lip, because I did not want to over do my look, since I went with a bold smokey eye. My smokey eye was created with this cream shadow in Skeptical, here. A little goes a long way and it will not crease like other cream shadows. It's amazing!

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Selfie Saturday... Why I love Younique and small business Saturday!

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 Confidence is Beautiful!

I can look back into my mid 20's and you wouldn't catch me taking a "SELFIE", but I'm proud to say I don't dread the camera any more. I embrace it and I get paid to take selfies!

I stop caring about my outer appearance simply because not many people saw it, except for my family & the people at the nearest Target. Until, Younique! Being a work-from-home Mom doesn't mean you stop taking care of yourself. I, now, do it for me! I'm the mom who wears red lips even if I have nowhere to go. It makes me feel better when  I get a glimpse at my self as I walk by a mirror. I'm somehow more productive through out the day too.

Now, I'm 30. OMG 30!! And I love taking selfies, working from home, and being able to help my family make ends meet. I want you to know, your orders mean the world to me! I appreciate you! I appreciate you coming to my blog and seeing me create cakes, tutus, crafts, & makeup looks. I appreciate you ordering from my small business. Today is small business Saturday and I appreciate your business! Thank you for always supporting me! 
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