April 28, 2009

It's A BOY Cigar Cakes♥

These are individual "It's A BOY" Cigar Cakes.
(Cigar Cupcakes)

1) Mix your cake 2) Pour in cake pan

3) Bake Cake

4) Let cake cool
5) Crumble cake in bowl
6) Add 3/4 can of frosting to crumbs and mix
7) Scoop (about) 3/4 cups mixture
8) Form into Cigar shape 9) Place on wax paper or sprayed cookie sheet 10) Put in freezer for 15 minutes 11) Mix baby blue food coloring to white fondant 12) Roll fondant out and cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. 13) Lightly ice fondant
14) Place cake cigars on lightly iced fondant & roll
15) Cut extra fondant off the sides of the cigars
16) Add a brown fondant circle to the front and a brown strip on the back 17) Place on a plate at baby shower or individually wrap to hand out at the hospital
* The mixing of the cake crumbs with frosting was an idea from Bakerella


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