April 26, 2009

Webkinz Skate Cake♥

I did not really know what a "Webkinz" was until I did this cake. Yeah, I've bought one or two for my younger cousin, but I never cared to ask.

FYI: A Webkinz is a stuffed animal (virtual pet) that comes alive online in Webkinz World.

This is a fondant cake. Fondant is A SMOOTH SHEET OF ICING and can be tricky to use, but well worth the try.

You can make your own fondant or you can buy premade fondant by Wilton.

The Fondant Animals are very simple to make and really TOP THE CAKE!

I will show you how to make a panda out of fondant minus his skates.

What I Use: Wiltons White Fondant, Wiltons Black Food Coloring, Wiltons Black Food Writer.

I roll the fondant that I will need into balls and place to the side.
White Fondant: Body and Head
Black Fondant: Arms, Legs, Ears, Eyes, and Nose

Roll your White Fondant into two balls for the body and head and stack the small ball on top of the large ball. I use Water or Clear Vanilla Extract as the adhesive or you can use a tooth pick.

Now, roll your Black Fondant arms into an oval shape and add to the body. Do the same for the legs.

Next, attach your ears, eyes, and nose to the head.
Finally, draw a mouth using the Wiltons Food Writer to your Pandas face.
Add to cake and SMILE :)


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