May 21, 2009

Update: 15 Weeks Pregnant

So I was having some problems today, I went to the doctor asap.
I was so relieved the baby was ok, moving and kicking.
The first time I saw him, I remember, uncontrollable tears streaming down my face. When you have 1 High Risk Pregnancy and 2 Miscarriages every time you see your baby healthy and alive is a blessing. I am so grateful for this little miracle. My 2% chance MIRACLE!!!
Yeah, you heard me right... HIM!!!
We are having a BOY!!!
The intelligender was WRONG!! lol. It doesn't matter we are so happy! My body told me it was a boy. I was just so sick and, with Maddie I never got sick, just nauseous. The 90% accuracy did make me a believer that it was a girl.
So, I'm 15 weeks pregnant today and I found out that it is a boy! I am High Risk Pregnancy (again) because of an Abnormal Cervix (Short Cervix). I was put on bed rest for 16 hours a day, until further notice. This was the same problems I had with Maddie, but now we are blessed to know ahead of time.
It's so crazy how you can love somebody so much without ever meeting them. Before I got pregnant I never imagined that I could love another kid other than Maddie.
Okay... okay.. I'm done venting! Thanks for listening!! Y'all have been a great audience!
It's a BOY!!!!


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