June 16, 2009

Creative Spongebob Party Ideas

Spongebob Party Ideas

"Who lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?"
I like to plan parties, and for my Daughter's 4th Birthday she had a Spongebob Square Pants Party. Here are some Sponge Bob Party ideas.
Goody Bags: Spongebob Tattoos, Suckers, Pirate Mints, Lifesavers, Mini SpongeBob Posters, & Gold Coins.
We, also, added some SpongeBob Fruit Snacks we found at Kroger.

DIY BUBBLES! To match any theme...
 You can purcahse these bubbles at
www. PartyCity.com

Take off the Birthday Bubble Wrapper and add your sticker.
Spongebob Bubbles!

I love it! You can do the bubble idea for any theme, and if you can't find the Birthday Bubbles just get the plain wedding bubbles instead.
You can also add stickers to a solid color drinking cup. The kids cups are just too small

The Spongebob Cake.... 
This was her Spongebob Square Pants Cake made by mommy.

Snack Table: The Sand Pails held chips and we used the shovels for the dip.

We also bought these Pineapple Trays for 50 cents each and put carrots and gold fish in them. I do not have pictures of the food (wished I did) but we made Krabby Patties, aka sliders. YUMMY

The Spongebob Decorations....
The Decorations: For the Decorations we put the Awesome Water Gossamer Wall Decal and Spongebob Scene Setter on the walls. Found at Party City.  

We do not have pictures of the "pretend" bubbles, but we got fishing wire and attached clear ornaments to hanging from the ceiling. We also, had clear balloons spread out on the floor to look like bubbles.

The Green balloons with crape paper is the sea weed and the Pink balloons with crape paper is the jelly fish. Adjust your crape paper to have floating balloons. Too heavy it will go to the ground but too light will go to the ceiling.

We covered all tables with Spongebob plastic table cloths and added a Pineapple for the centerpiece.

The Spongebob Party Outfit...
The Birthday Girl needs to be in character!!!
I found a P.J. Shirt, made a sparkly brown tutu, bought blue & red striped tube socks (just like Spongebob), and paired it with the black shoes.
Happy 4th Birthday, Madison!
Mommy loves you to the moon and back times fifty billion plus one!


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