July 16, 2009

23 Weeks Preggo. INJECTION #1

23 Weeks Pregnant!
1 Injection down/ 11 More To Go!
So, I've never considered my self not being able to handle pain.
I have had many piercings over the years including: Belly Button Top & Bottom, Nose 3x, Tongue 3x, Lip, Ear Lobes 5x up, Both Ear Tragus, & the Industrial Ear Piercing.

I, also, have Five Tattoos.

Well, like I said in the first sentence, I've never considered my self not being able to handle pain, but I don't know if I can handle 11 more of these Injections.
Instead of a liquid it is a thick gel.
It wasn't that bad getting the shot, but after was pure hell. It burned and hurt so bad!
It's been 4 hours and still burns!
Once I got into my car I started bawling. I cant explain, but it was awful pain.
I know the injections are important to prevent preterm labor, so I just got to hold my head up high and keep trucking (as my brother would say) for the next eleven weeks. Damn... eleven more weeks.... LOOOONG TIME! I can do it! Oh, by the way, I'm 23 weeks pregnant today! WHOOO HOOO!


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