August 11, 2009

9 Years Ago...

Story about me & my meant to be!
Daniel and I met when we was 11 years old and have been best friends since 14.
August 9th, 2000 was the first day of 10th grade and after school I told Daniel "if you do not ask me out then I'm going to date the next guy who flirts with me", so Daniel asked "Will you go out with me?"
And nine years later here we are today :)
10th Grade Homecoming
(Oct. 2000)
We became boyfriend and girlfriend at age 15 (8.9.00), got married at age 18 (11.02.03), and became parents at age 20 (3.5.05).
I love this man to the moon and back times fifty billion plus one! He is my meant to be and is my bestest friend!!!


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