September 10, 2009

I Can't See My Feet!

I can not believe that I have not blogged in two weeks. WOw... cRaZy!! I have been so busy that words can not even describe. I sold 23 tutus last month from My Etsy, My Blog, & MySpace plus I've been helping out with Jaxson's shower, which is in 3 days : }
Let me update you on my pregnancy..... ♥
I am 31 Weeks Pregnant and I can no longer see my feet!
This picture of my belly to the left is not accurate... It looks sooo tiny compared to what I really look like. I took the picture about 30 minutes ago and I must have taken it from a good angle because that is not my "weebles wobble but they don't fall down" belly.
I took about 10 pics and this was the biggest one out of the bunch. Nobody is here to take a pic of me.
The sonogram is from last weeks doctor appointment. He's so cute already!!! I can see chubby checks just like his Mommy & sister Maddie!!
The doc told me today that last weeks sonogram showed that I have too much Amniotic Fluid around the baby.
Something new we have to keep an eye on.... great. ♣
Hope all of you are doing well!


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