September 29, 2009

Sweet Baby Jaxson ♥

This is just a short and quick update. I will tell the full story another day. Jaxson was born today at 3:58am. He is 4lbs 10oz and 17in long. Daniel and I got to hold him early this morning :) We are the only 2 who can visit the Nicu, because of the flu and rsv season. Grandparents, Aunts, & Uncles haven't seen or held him. It's such a bummer. Even Madison hasn't seen him. Only Pictures. I should have some pictures up soon. Daniel went home and packed my bags to bring to the Hospital. We just did not expect me going in labor, so we did not have the bags pack just yet. Jaxson will be in the nicu for the next 3 or so weeks. Right now he has a feeding tube, sugar water drip and ivy, but on Thursday they will try and give him his first bottle. I'm so exctied to be blessed with two beautiful children! I just wished I wasn't sitting in this hospital bed alone. It should be November 12th and Jaxson should have been a full term baby in my arms waiting on going home with Mommy, Daddy & Maddie. God just had different plans and I know they will all work out, but please continue praying for my Sweet Baby Jax! ♥Raychel


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