October 1, 2009

Baby Jaxson

Yes I know I look like crap in this picture. I had no sleep and it was 7 in the morning. This was the first time I got to see Jaxson after birth. Well, I had a glance and was able to give him a kiss but this was the first time I could look at him for more than 5 minutes. Jaxson was born at 3:56am on 9.29.09 He weighed 4lbs 10oz and was 17 3/4 inches long. Daddy is so happy that his future football buddy is here. Look how tiny Jax is compared to Daddy's hand. His head is 3x smaller than Daddy's hand.
Madison still has not met Jaxson. She is so excited but since it's flu and rsv season no one is allowed in the Nicu except Mommy and Daddy. I cant wait for him to come home so we can have a family picture with all four of us.
Jaxson was 7 weeks early but looks great. Those steroids really helped his lungs. He is breathing on his own :)


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