December 10, 2009

How to make Tulle Pom Poms

UPDATE: I found a faster way to create these. CLICK HERE

Wouldn't these look so cute in a nursery?
How to make Tulle Pom Poms...
You will need a book, scissors, tulle, ribbon, and a rubber band (not pictured).

 Wrap the tulle around the book 20 times

 Cut the tulle in the center, then flip the book over and cut the tulle in the center again. (Or just cut the sides)
 Remove the book and place the tulle on top of each other.
Gather the tulle and wrap the rubber band tightly in the center of the tulle.
 Cut and knot your ribbon through the rubber band.
 Separate and fluff your tulle to form a ball.
 To make a slightly bigger ball wrap your tulle around the book long ways.
 Hang them anywhere! ♥ In the nursery for a unique look and to give the baby something interesting to look at. ♥ As baby shower decorations. ♥ Or Wedding Shower decorations♥ And they are made from tulle which will last longer than the ones made out of tissue paper.
Did you spy something in that picture above??
Madison playing under the crib and yes I cleaned that dust off :)

Now it's time to get tutu creative in Maddie's room.


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