December 14, 2009

Infant Nylon Headband Tutorial

Step on how I make a Nylon Infant Headband.

You will need: 
Tights (I used an old pair of Madison's size 4t), Scissors, Glue Gun, Ribbon, Bow (I pre-made out of ribbon)

Cut your tights like above and only keep the middle part of the tights
 (you will only need one leg unless you're making two)

You do not have to cut the feet off if you do not want. I cut them off because Madison wore these.

Fold the two ends together and sew.

Wrap your ribbon tightly around your stitch.

Glue or sew in place

Add another dot of glue...

...and place your pre-made bow on.

I do not have a girl infant to put this on. Madison did not want to model today.

Just add to infants head :)


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