August 27, 2009

29 Weeks Pregnant!

Another week is a big relief! I am 29 weeks pregnant and, as of last week, I'm in my 3rd trimester.
I've been pretty miserable the last couple days. Especially every 4 minutes. Two nights ago I had contractions every 6 minutes apart like clock work. Now they are 4 minutes apart like clock work. They do not miss a beat.
I went to my doctors appointment today and they didn't want to check my cervix due to making it contract more, but they did do a Fetal Fibronectin Test which will tell me if I'll go into labor within 48 hours. I will get the results back tomorrow.
Then, next week (if I'm still pregnant. I'm sure I will be) I go back for a sonogram to see how long or short my cervix is. My doc is doing everything he can to not aggravate the cervix but to see whats going on.
I asked if these are braxton hicks and he said no they are the real deal.... yikes!!
As long as the contractions do not get stronger or closer together then I will be ok.
If Jaxson is born now he will have a 90% survival rate :)
I'll keep yall updated.

August 25, 2009

Coda Bear with No Hair!

Coda turned 8 Months old August 23rd.
He is full grown weighing in at 4.5 lbs.
His hair is cRaZy!!
It's like nothing like I've ever seen before. Since he's wearing his "Babe Magnet" shirt you are missing out on all the cRaZiNeSs.
The shirt is concealing a lot considering his hair drapes fully to the floor.

Texas is a hot place. It feels like your standing under a damn blow dryer, so we decided to shave off all Coda's hair.

Yeah... we might just be cRaZy ourselves, but I assure you he is just as cute!
LoL... the picture to the right cracks me UP!!
Awwww he's adorable!!!! With a huge head!
We wanted to keep the Yorkie look so we decided not to shave all the hair off his head.
lol.... It's bobble head Coda Bear!!!
I should stop being mean... I love this little guy so much!!
Now he can sleep back in the bed with us since he's not dragging everything that came with all his hair. We would find twigs and even tulle hidden deep in his fur even after his baths they would still cling on.
Oh, BTW his "Babe Magnet" shirt is officially too big!!! It's time to go shopping for a new doggy wardrobe. He may even lost a pound or two.

August 23, 2009

We have a new member of the family!

Meet the newest Kennedy...
She is 9 weeks old & weighs 1 lb 14 oz.
We call her Pinkie & she is ADORABLE!

Madison just loves her to pieces. We bought Madison a puppy in March for her 4th Birthday. His name is Coda and he is 8 months old tomorrow. Coda's "offical" name is, Madison's Coda Bear.

I'll post pictures of him tomorrow.

We decided that Jaxson needed a puppy too! Yes, I know he will not be here for a couple more months, but I just couldn't let Pinkie slip by.

She will be AKC registered and she is a full blood Yorkie.

Pinkie's "offical" name will be, Jaxson's Little Pinkie.

August 20, 2009

BedRock Chick Halloween Tutu

*2009 Halloween Line*
BedRock Chick Halloween Tutu Costume.
(cave girl halloween tutu costume)
Orginal Creation for Tutu Fairy
This is a new creation that I've been so egar to promote. I just love it, and Madison modeled it very well.
She was acting tough and not all girlie and I love the end result.
This is a short tutu made with 5 different colors of tulle, has a faux fur belt, faux fur wrist cuffs, detachable bow on the front of the dress that can be placed in hair, and comes with a bone hair clip.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Follow Tutu Fairies blog at

August 19, 2009

Bad BLogger...

About ME.... Yep it's true. I've really been a bad blogger. I've read all your new post but have been too lazy to post a comment. I know it doesn't take much effort to post a comment but I just get on then get off and lay back in bed. I've been have contractions on and off and they suck! lol. Also, I've just been making tutus like cRaZy! : )
About Madison... Madison's been at her Grandma's since early Monday and I cant handle it any more. Daniel works all day and I have no body to interact with. I'm SO BORED! I miss her so much. I hate waking up to nobody. I miss rolling over and seeing her mouth wide open as she sleeps and watching her have sweet dreams. She will sometimes giggle in her sleep and I know she must be dreaming something great.
OH..... I did make two new tutus but do not have my tutu model until tomorrow. I cant wait to show em off and put them on my etsy.
I'll wake up tomorrow and be 28 weeks pregnant!! cRaZiNEss!! It's going by so fast and the baby shower is approaching super fast. Only 3 weeks away. OMG! Can't wait!
I hope you all are doing well. I promise to interact soon :()

August 14, 2009

Weekly Injection Update....

As yall know, this is my BEAUTiFUL daughter Madison!
I just want to take a moment to say 'THANK YOU' to the best daughter ever!
She has helped Mommy out so much while I've been on bed rest. From making sure she listens to refilling my water, to bringing all her toys to Mommy's bed so we can play. She is just a very special 4 year old who is mature beyond her 4 short years and will be a wonderful big sister!!
This is the Tutu and BIG SISTER Shirt that Madison is going to wear to Jaxson's baby shower.
You can buy one at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOW... INJECTION UPDATE....
Yesterday I made it to 27 weeks pregnant! WHOOO HOOO!! Another week down is a BIG milestone :)
I had a horrible allergic reaction to the steroids and the doc will no longer let me take them.
It was so horrible! My arms and legs felt like bricks was laying on them, I was dizzy, I was nauseous, my temp was real low, and I broke out in a rash.
It's kinda scary to stop the injections, but I feel confidant that my pregnancy will stay strong. If my cervix does change (any more than it already has) we will have to do monitored bed rest.
Monitored bed rest is where you are on the High Risk Pregnancy floor in the Hospital and hooked up to Monitors 24/7 (which, by the way, sucks! With Maddie I was in the hospital for well over a month!)

August 11, 2009

9 Years Ago...

Story about me & my meant to be!
Daniel and I met when we was 11 years old and have been best friends since 14.
August 9th, 2000 was the first day of 10th grade and after school I told Daniel "if you do not ask me out then I'm going to date the next guy who flirts with me", so Daniel asked "Will you go out with me?"
And nine years later here we are today :)
10th Grade Homecoming
(Oct. 2000)
We became boyfriend and girlfriend at age 15 (8.9.00), got married at age 18 (11.02.03), and became parents at age 20 (3.5.05).
I love this man to the moon and back times fifty billion plus one! He is my meant to be and is my bestest friend!!!

August 8, 2009

LadyBug Wing Set

So Friday I was bored and decided to try and attempt to make Ladybug Wings.
I got a wire clothes hanger, black electrical tape, wire cutters, pliars, some red tulle, black dots, a black boa, and my handy glue gun. Then, I got to work.
I was very pleased with how they came out!
Now, I just got to make a matching tutu : )

Pirate Cake- ARRRGGG!

This is my Pirate Cake!
I haven't done a cake since the poker cake, about three weeks ago, and I was very exctied to decorate again : )
Since I'm on bed rest I cant do as many as I normally do but I try to do at least one a month so I do not get rusty.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Captain Giovanni!

August 6, 2009

New Tutus

Check out the new tutus at
Also, I want to say thank you to Karen!! Thank you for telling me about Etsy! I just made my first etsy sell and it's all thanks to you! I had no idea what Etsy was until you filled me in... you rock!
P.S. This is my 3rd post of the day. Scroll down to see the latest : )
Raychel Kennedy

26 Weeks Pregnant

I'm so out of it today. I have been so tired and my injection hurt like hell. I really do not know how bad "HELL" hurts but, OH MAN, my hip is in some pain. I thought I was getting use to these shots but nope. Last week I didn't even blog about my pregnancy because I was in so much pain.
The nurse said that her thumb shakes when she gives me the injection because the gel is so thick. YIKES! lol
Jaxson, on the other hand, is doing great! I had a sonogram today (to bad all the sonogram pictures came out horrible) and he is healthy and weighs 1lb 14ounces.
My Doctor is very happy that I have made it to 26 weeks. When I was pregnant with Madison I was already 4 centimeters dilated at 24 weeks so this is a big milestone to cross.
So, we know these injections are working. Regardless of the pain I feel, I know it is totally worth it.

I have to say 'sorry' for not being an active blogger these last two weeks. I've been so busy with my tutus and I've been so tired. I haven't had time to visit all your blogs and for that I apologize!! I promise I'll be a better blogger next week :)

Another Award!!!

OMG!!! WHOO HOOO I'm stoked to find out that my blog has received another award! This is the Loyal award, which is an award for blogger friends. Thank you Baking Momma for this award! Yall will have to check her blog out. It is amazing! Baking Momma always sends me the best comments that put a smile on my face everyday! She deserves this award 100 times! I hate to only pick four blogs to pass this award along, but here it goes...
These blogs are awesome! Go check em out! Thanks again Baking Momma!!

August 3, 2009

Amazing idea from my Husband!

I've been getting my 2009 Halloween Line ready and Daniel thought it would be awesome if I made a Michael Jackson Inspired Tutu Costume.
Here is what we came up with....
Michael Jackson Halloween Tutu Costume Costume from our *2009 Halloween Line* Orginal Creation from Tutu Fairy
Thanks Daniel!


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