December 31, 2009

Safety Pin Bracelet

Safety Pin Bracelet
 By Raychel Kennedy

I saw these at a craft show and just had to start making them. Big hit as Christmas gifts!

This one is made with Black and White Glass Beads and a Spacer Bead inbetwee each Safety Pin.

 I love it! It matchings any outfit and is very comfortable to wear.

Of course I had to make my mini me one :0)

Madison wanted a pink and black safety pin bracelet. She helped me add the beads.

I did not add spacer beads to this bracelet.

How adorable!

I will have a tutorial up in a few days, but I am planning on selling these in my Etsy Store for those of you who do not have time to make one.

Today is the last day of 2009! Have a safe New Years Eve and I'll see yall in 2010!

December 30, 2009

How to make Ribbon Hearts

 How To Make Hearts Out Of Ribbon...
I added my hearts to a tutu, but they can be added to scrapbooks or any other crafts.

You will need...

  • Ribbon (I used Satin Ribbon)

  • Scissors

  • Lighter

 Cut a heart shape out of your ribbon.  

Or any other shape you need for your project.

Even out your heart with a lighter. This will also prevent it from fraying.

  Make as many as you want/need and add it to your project.

This is the L♥VE Struck Tutu from Tutu Fairy.

Check out the rest of Tutu Fairy's 2010 Valentines Line Here.

December 29, 2009

Kennedy Christmas 2009

After Jaxson got out of the Hospital we FINALLY let Maddie open her presents from us. She, already, opened presents with my Mom & Step-Dad and with my Dad and Step-Mom Christmas morning. Here are a few pictures of Madison's Christmas.


American Girl Bitty Baby Twins from Mimi and Papa.

American Girl Chrissa from Mommy and Daddy

Nurf Guns from Daddy. She opened this and said "BOY TOYS...I Don't want BOY Toys". lol, but now she loves them!
Daddy and Maddie had tons of fun playing with the Nurf Guns while Mommy baked cupcakes.

 These are the Martha Stewart Cupcake Liners I received from Pink Little Cake. Again, Thank you so much Kathia!

 Once the cupcakes cooled down I iced them and Maddie helped me decorate :) We had a lot of fun and....

... Daddy and Maddie loved eating them.

Our Christmas was delayed but we had a great one! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas too.

Madison crashed out early. She had a busy busy day! This is the Baby Alive Doll she got from Nana and Papa. This damn doll pisses all over my house. I kid you not. Even when I think there is no more water/food in her there still is. If your daughter got one of these for Christmas I wish you luck.

This is what TEXANS call SNOW. Yep, that's all. We haven't had a white Christmas in 83 years, since 1926. Kinda cool but I only saw it on the roof tops looking out the hospital window. Dont worry, that was plenty. I hate snow. I hate being cold.... brrrrrr. We got 1-3 inches of snow. What about you? Please let me know how many inches of snow you received on Christmas day.

December 27, 2009

Jaxson's RSV Update

Daniel is not too good at taking pictures with the phone but it's all we had in the hospital with us.

Jaxson's first Christmas was in the Hospital, but Santa came by to to see him :)

Santa brought Jax some great toys, a stocking, and some stuff animals. He even brought Maddie a few gifts :)

Childrens Hospital in Dallas really made our Christmas in the Hospital feel more like Christmas. Thank you Childrens!! One doctor came out and played Christmas songs on his violin. It was amazing watching all the children (wearing protected mask) watching him in awe.

Well, Jaxson is FINALLY home and is improving. He's still a tad bit dehydrated and is still having secreations building up, so I am watching him like a hawk. He has a Doctors appointment in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

Our Christmas was delayed but it was a good one. I'll post tomorrow.

Thank you for all your comments, concerns and prayers!

♥ Raychel

December 24, 2009

Hospital: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

So I had many plans for how I intended on spending my Christmas Eve and, I gotta admit, none of them involved spending the past two days at The Childrens Hospital watching my 3 month old struggle.

I wanted to wake up, get the kids ready and take some pictures, bake cupcakes (using the new cupcake liners from Pink Little Cake), bake Santa's Cookies, sew some more crayon rolls for the nieces and get the stockings and presents ready from Santa.

Unfortunatley, Jaxson is very sick with R.S.V. and isn't feeling very well.


Last week I took Maddie to the doctor and she had Strep Throat and a cough. Then Jaxson started to have a cough the next day (10 days ago). I took him to the Doctor and they said it was just a cough, take him home since they can not give infants anything for it. They told me to use saline drops and suction out his nose, then come back for a 1 week follow up.

1 week follow up- Jaxson has been throwing up all his feedings for the past 2 days, he lost a few ounzes within a week, has labored breathing (chest caves in with each breath), and a HORRIBLE cough. The doctor test for R.S.V. and it's postive so decided to give 2 breathing treatments (which came to find out from the specialist that it doesn't do anything for RSV), so we had to rush to Childrens.

Childrens ran a lot of test, had monitors on Jax, did a deep suction but decided to send him home because I insisted that I could do all the suctioning myself. If I couldn't do the suctioning then they wanted to keep him overnight.

How did the suctioning go.....

Well, ummm.... we are back at Childrens and he is staying the night.

I thought it was going well but around 10am this morning I looked over at Jax and he was blue around his lips and chin. I grabbed him and he gasp for air. He did it again and again so I called 911 and that's how we ended back at The Childrens Hospital.

Jaxson is hooked back up to monitors (heart rate, oxygen, respiratory), has to do deep suctioning every hour, and is dehydrated. We are waiting on results for whooping cough (cross fingers negitive).

Thank God for my Mom and Step-Mom (weird... they are best friends) who are making Madison's Christmas Christmas. I can't wait to be all four of us again (once Jax is well).

I actually have RSV too but in adults it's just a cold that we can shave off. In infants... they aren't so lucky. The Doctors had to let us know that it is deadly (not fun to hear) and Jax could turn for the worst but they have to give us all the information regardless of Mommy's feelings.

I know, deep in my heart Jaxson will be fine! Please pray for a super fast recovery.

Merry Christmas Eve :)

December 14, 2009

Infant Nylon Headband Tutorial

Step on how I make a Nylon Infant Headband.

You will need: 
Tights (I used an old pair of Madison's size 4t), Scissors, Glue Gun, Ribbon, Bow (I pre-made out of ribbon)

Cut your tights like above and only keep the middle part of the tights
 (you will only need one leg unless you're making two)

You do not have to cut the feet off if you do not want. I cut them off because Madison wore these.

Fold the two ends together and sew.

Wrap your ribbon tightly around your stitch.

Glue or sew in place

Add another dot of glue...

...and place your pre-made bow on.

I do not have a girl infant to put this on. Madison did not want to model today.

Just add to infants head :)

December 10, 2009

How to make Tulle Pom Poms

UPDATE: I found a faster way to create these. CLICK HERE

Wouldn't these look so cute in a nursery?
How to make Tulle Pom Poms...
You will need a book, scissors, tulle, ribbon, and a rubber band (not pictured).

 Wrap the tulle around the book 20 times

 Cut the tulle in the center, then flip the book over and cut the tulle in the center again. (Or just cut the sides)
 Remove the book and place the tulle on top of each other.
Gather the tulle and wrap the rubber band tightly in the center of the tulle.
 Cut and knot your ribbon through the rubber band.
 Separate and fluff your tulle to form a ball.
 To make a slightly bigger ball wrap your tulle around the book long ways.
 Hang them anywhere! ♥ In the nursery for a unique look and to give the baby something interesting to look at. ♥ As baby shower decorations. ♥ Or Wedding Shower decorations♥ And they are made from tulle which will last longer than the ones made out of tissue paper.
Did you spy something in that picture above??
Madison playing under the crib and yes I cleaned that dust off :)

Now it's time to get tutu creative in Maddie's room.

December 6, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

Jaxson is doing great!
 He will be ten weeks old Tuesday and weighs 8lbs 5oz.

 Every time Jax sneezes he goes "AHHHH" really loud lol it's so cute. He is such a sweet baby and Madison loves being a Big Sister. She is so gentle with him.
Our yorkies Coda and Pinkie love him too. Well, Pinkie doesn't pay too much attention to him but Coda guards him. Coda will sit next to Jax's bouncer and poke his head around to make sure Jaxson is doing okay. When Jaxson cries Coda will run in the room and check everything out.

We found his Santa outfit at Babies R Us and I took these pictures this afternoon. The flash did not interrupt his nap at all :)

Oh, the Santa Hat goes to Madison's Santa Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Fits him perfect ;)


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