December 22, 2010

Christmas Present Shirt & Bow

.Applique Christmas Present Shirt.

 I made Jaxson his Reindeer Shirt and was planning on making Madison the same shirt with the reindeer wearing a bow, but Madison decided she didn't want to match her brother. So I made Madison a Applique Present Shirt with this matching bow.....

This bow came out adorable! It's something any Mom can learn how to make.

This is her Applique Christmas Present Shirt. I hand painted on the HO HO HO on the white ribbon after it was sewn on.


Madison wore this shirt to her school Christmas party. I had several Moms and her teacher asking me where did I buy that adorable shirt and bow. It was a nice compliment :)

During our Christmas break....

I am organizing the house, donating toys, making a cake, and spending time with my kids! Madison is out of school and we are having fun playing with her Pet Shops.

During this time, I made a Zebra Diva Crayon Coin Bank, Zebra Diva Fabric Wreath, Zebra Diva Pillows and more! Can't wait to show you after the New Year :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas break!
What are your plans this Holiday season?

December 9, 2010

Reindeer Applique Shirt

I made this Reindeer Applique Shirt for Jaxson last night. I love how to came out and I'm making Madison one tonight or tomorrow. Her Reindeer Applique Shirt will be wearing a hair bow :)
Supplies Needed:
Brown, Beige, White, Black, and Red Fabric
Brown, Beige, White, Black, and Red Thread
Heat N Bond Lite
Reindeer Applique Template
White Shirt

All you do is...
  1. Make a Reindeer Applique Template. I drew my template by hand, but I'm sure you can find one through google search. The reindeer's head is like a candy corn shape. I drew a candycorn with ears, antlers, a nose, and eyes. I then made a copy of the template from my printer.
  2. Cut out your Template seperating the parts. This is when the second copy comes in hand.
  3. Iron Heat N Bond to your 5 Fabrics and trace the body parts on the back of the heat N bond.
  4. Cut out each shape
  5. Arrange the Reindeers face on your shirt and iron in place
  6. Use a ziz-zag stich and sitch around your applique. Make sure to match the thread to the fabric you are sewing.
I will post step by step instuctions along with pictures in a feature date. I'm a picture person learnern =)

This is the most detailed applique I have ever made. I can't wait to make more :)

Jaxson loves it. I ask him "where is the red nose reindeer" and he points to his shirt and smiles.

Happy Thursday!

Your Creative Way Wednesday

Show off your creative Christmas ideas. Please, place the link in the comment section below :)

December 7, 2010

Tutu Fairy Sale

Etsy Tuesday
Tutu Fairy Sale!

Yes that is right! Tutu Fairy is having a sale!!

Any little girl would love this Diva Zebra outfit for dress up and play or a super cute outfit for the day.
Diva Zebra Tutu Set is $40.00 with FREE SHIPPING today only!!

Size newborn-5T with any initial or age.

Or go to Tutu Fairy's Etsy Page and get 10% off your order with coupon code HOLIDAY10

Sale for 10% off will last until December 10th. All orders will arrive in time for Christmas. If you need it by a certain date just message me and let me know.

If you want something that is not on Etsy just send me an email and I will send you an invoice.

Christmas Tutu Skirt

Candycane Princess Tutu Dress

Christmas Tree Tutu Dress

Reindeer Tutu Dress

Winter Wonderland Tutu Dress

Happy Tuesday :)

December 6, 2010

Christmas Cookie Mix In A Jar

DIY Monday
Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar

Love this idea from Off The Wheaten Path. You have to check out her blog. It is amazing and all Gluten free!

Gluten Free

Filled with:
Grandpa's Kitchen flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt
Gluten free oats
Christmas color M&Ms
Semisweet chocolate chips
Brown sugar
White sugar
Chopped pecans

Check out Off the Wheaten Path's Link for the full post.

December 3, 2010

Corn Flake Wreaths

Sweet Friday:
Corn Flake Wreaths

I've never have personally made corn flake wreaths, but I love them! They are very good and you can not eat just one. Learn how to make your own Corn Flake Wreaths from Sugar & Sprinkles for your upcoming Holiday Party.

Corn Flake Wreaths from Sugar & Sprinkles

December 1, 2010

Holiday Clay Pot Crafts

Your Creative Way Wednesday
~Holiday Clay Pots~

Red Nose Reindeer
Reindeer Craft Treat Holders from Every Heart Counts

Frosty The Snowman
Snowman Clay Pot from All Kids Network

I love this site! I just found it yesterday and can't get enough. Please, go check out All Kids Network for inspiring ideas.

Adorable and kid friendly!

Use your imaginiation and create a Santa, Elf, and a Holiday Angel.
 What ideas are you thinking?

November 30, 2010

Personalized Snowman Necklace

Etsy Tuesday:
Personalized Snowman Necklace

How cute is this!? What a great holiday necklace for any mom or wife! You can personalize your snowman with 2 names. Maybe your kids, you and your husband, or even your pets! I just love it :)

CYBER MONDAY SALE Custom Holiday Snowman in Sterling Silver Copper personalized your way

Check out Sweet Ride Designs for more great pieces.

November 29, 2010

Frugal Chritmas Ornaments

DIY Monday:
Christmas Tree

I am BACK from my Thanksgiving break! I'm so thankful for so many things, but I'm most grateful for my family....
Of course, they can drive me insane at times, but they still make my heart smile everyday :)


We always put up our Christmas decorations on Black Friday. When do you normally put yours up?

This is the first year Jaxson is really seeing all the Christmas Decorations since he was only 2-3 months old last year. He couldn't get enough of them. He laughed and wanted to grab EVERTHING. He loved the lights the most.

Madison always puts the star on our tree with Daddy's help :)

Here is our finished tree! I do not use glass ornaments. I've heard of kids chocking on the metal caps of the glass balls and passing away. I'm a worrier and rather play it safe. All my ornaments are plastic or metal. 

Our Glitter Star Burst Ornaments.

These ornaments value for $2.99 a peice. My husband worked at the store that sold them and after Christmas they gave him 2 small boxes full. We got over 40 of these ornaments for FREE!! They were on a display tree at the store and after the holidays they were just going to throw them away.

Frugal Tip: Stores throw away all display items after Christmas or sale them for dirt cheap. Ask the manager how you can get some display ornaments after the holidays. Great frugal way to have some great Christmas decorations.

I'm thinking of adding some pink and purple ornaments to our tree.

What color is on your tree?
Send pictures of your decorated tree to Will be featured on an upcoming blog post.

November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Toes Teacher Gift

Turkey Toes

Madison wanted to give her teacher a Thanksgiving Gift, so we made a jar of Turkey Toes for her.

We wanted to use the Candy Corn Candies (with the brown) but all our local stores was sold out. I guess it's only a Halloween candy?! So, instead of using the Candy Corn we used the Reeces Pieces Candy.
We filled the jar with a bag of candy, and decorated it with brown and orange ribbon. I made the "Turkey Toes" Tag from the computer and glued it on the jar. Then I just cut a square peice of brown fabric and coved the lid.

Her teacher loved it!

Happy Pre Turkey DAY!

*Sorry for the bad picture. I took it with a camera phone, because I forgot my camera at home and I was already at the school.

November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Hats for Babies

Etsy Tuesday
Turkey Hats for Kids
FREE SHIPPING crochet hat and diaper cover Baby Turkey Set/ photography prop or just for fun
Turkey Hat and Diaper Cover from Modiste Bee

I am disappointed that I didn't find this last year for Jaxson. It might just be my new favorite thing I've ever seen :)

Or make a Turkey Hat of your own...
PDF Wild Turkey Character Hat CROCHET PATTERN All sizes from baby to Adult included
Using this ADORABLE pattern from RAKJ Patterns. I LOVE IT!!

I haven't crocheted in awhile, but I'm ready to start back up. My step-mom taught me how to crochet when I was eight. I use to crochet blankets, hats, baskets, placemats and rugs. 

I plan on buying a few of these patterens next week. I will let you guys know if I was able to pull it off :)

Happy Tuesday!

November 22, 2010

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

D.I.Y. Monday

Thanksgiving is in 3 days!!! Here are some cute Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas that would look great on your table.

Turn a Clay Pot into a Pilgrim's Hat...

Pilgrim Place Cards from Jellybean Junkyard

 Use M&M Candies to make...
Indian Corn Place Cards from Holiday Crafts and Creations

For the Kids.....
Painted Pinecone Place Cards from Almost Unschooled

Love them all! I can't pick a favorite!
 Our thanksgivings are very casual, so the Pilgrim Hats or the Pinecones would work best for our table.

Which Thanksgiving Place Card would fit your Thanksgiving table the best?

November 21, 2010

Blog Award :)

I Won A Blog Award!

*To accept this award, there are 4 rules*
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you, Harvest For Tomorrow for this award! Please, go check out her great blog and become a follower :)

2. Share seven things about yourself.

(1.) I am 25 years old
(2.) My favorite color is Hot Pink :)
(3.) I'm addicted to Coca~Cola
(4.) I think smoking is nasty
(5.) Tulle is my favorite material
(6.) I have 5 brothers and 3 brother-in-laws, so I'm always the only girl :)
(7.) I hate to sew but I love the outcome.

3. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic. (My list is not in any order)

(1.)Chubby Cheeks Thinks
(2.)The Love Lives Here
(3.)Pink Little Cake
(4.)Punk Rock Momma
(5.)And Then There Were 4...
(6.)Giovannas Cakes
(7.)The Mommy Chronicles
(8.)Who Are You Calling Crafty?
(9.)My Life As A Mom & Wife
(10.)Busy Mom's Tips
(11.)Cake Mom
(12.)Bassgiraffe Thoughts
4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

Thanks again, Harvest For Tomorrow!!!!

November 18, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial

Tutorial Thurday
How to make Safety Pin Bracelets

You will need:
  • Safety Pins (70-100 for adults and 50-70 for kids) depending on wrists size and size of beads.
  • Beads (I use glass beads)
  • Elastic for jewelry making
  • Scissors

I bought my safety pins from a dry cleaning company. This box was $12.00 for 1440 safety pins.

I can make 28 kids bracelets with this box or 20 adult bracelets.
  • Pour all your beads in a bowl
  • Fill each safety pin with beads
  • Close safety pin
  • Get 2 peices of elastic and thread your safety pin through the top hole and bottom hole
  • Alternate sides of safety pins each time
  • Once it fits the size wrist you need tie each side of the elastic together.
  • Cut elastic and tuck through safety pin

Great gift!
If you do not want to make your own just send me an email and I'll create one for you :)

What do you think?

*Note* If you seen this exact tutorial before you are right. I reposted it, because it was linked to my other blog that no longer exist. I wanted it to be apart of My Creative Way :)

November 17, 2010

New York Jets & Dallas Cowboys Tutu Set

New York Jets Tutu Set
Includes: Applique/Rhinestone Shirt, 2 Detachable Shoulder Bows, Hair Bow, Tutu Skirt with Bow.

I do not know much about footboot, but I do know the New York Jets are doing better than the Dallas Cowboys. My husband is a loyal Cowboy fan, even though it has been hard to watch!

Dallas Cowboys Tutu Set
Includes: Rhinestone Shirt, Two Detachable Shoulder Puffs, 2 Hair Puffs, and Tutu Skirt with Silver strands of Ribbon and a Rhinestone Star.

Custom orders are welcome!


Who is your favorite NFL team?

November 16, 2010

Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Starbucks

I've seen this on a few different blogs today and I didn't want my readers to miss out on this great deal, so I'm posting it!

I am so excited!
Go to Starbucks website Here

If you buy 1 Starbucks Holiday Drink, you get 1 Starbucks Holiday Drink FREE!!

Valid through 11/18 -11/21 from 2pm-5pm

Text "12Days" to 29943 for 12 daily offers starting 12/1/10

Thanksgiving Blocks

.Etsy Tuesday.

I love these Thanksgiving Blocks from Simple Block Sayings on Etsy. Wouldn't these look great in your home? All items are handmade and, although she has many designs to choose from, custom orders are welcome.



What about the other seasons? Well, Simple Block Sayings has got you covered!

She has blocks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Babies, Kids, Bath, Laundry, Grandparents, Family, Pets, Home, Teachers, and Weddings :D

Christmas Blocks....


and my favorite.....

If these do not match your decor don't worry, because you have a color selection guide to pick from :D

What is your favorite?

November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Do It Yourself Monday

Flower Turkey Centerpieces

Learn how to DIY HERE 

Pilgram Hat Centerpiece

Learn How to DIY HERE

Thanksgiving Cookie Bouquet Centerpiece

You can DIY or Buy one Here

I think I'm going to create the Flower Turkey Centerpieces for my table. What will your Thanksgiving centerpiece be this year?

November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Crafts ~ 5 Ideas!

Cute Thanksgiving Craft Ideas from last year.

Thanksgiving Crafts #1

Chocolate Covered Marshmellow Pilgram Hats

Click Here to see the post.

Thanksgiving Craft #2:
Matching Mommy and Daughter Turkey Applique Shirts.

Click Here to see the post.

Thanksgiving Craft #3:

Make a Fall Leaf Cake.

Click Here to see the post.

Thanksgiving Craft #4:

Orange Glitter Pumpkin Table Centerpeice.

Click Here to see the post

Thanksgiving Craft #5:

Fill a Bowl with Silver Acrons for a cute centerpiece.

Click Here to see the post

November 12, 2010

Tutorial: Team Spirit Gift

 Cute and Easy Team Spirit Gift
Madison was asked to bring 26 team spirit items for drill team. We could have brought anything, they just had to be a blue or orange item.

We decided to make Carnation Flower Hair Clips. These were a BIG hit with the girls and we even saw several Mom's wearing these on competition day in their hair.

What's great about carnations is they are not expensive and you can find them in almost ANY COLOR!
All you need...
1. Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Carnations (I used two colors blue and orange), Rhinestones (I used 25mm), Scissors, Ribbon, Alligator Hair Clip, and a Lighter.

2. Seperate your flower petals from the stems. Hot Glue 4 carnation petals together.

 3. I used the bottom of my lighter to push down so I didn't burn my finger.

4. Hot Glue your Rhinestone on top.

* Orange Petal, Hot Glue, Blue Petal, Hot Glue, Orange Petal, Hot Glue, Blue Petal, Hot Glue, Rhinestone*

5. Line your Alligator Clip with Ribbon and Glue to the back of your Flower.


Madison at Drill Practice :D

Other Team Spirit Gifts...
Batons with Blue and Orange Curly Ribbon
Blue Strand of Hair
Candy Bouquet
Blue or Orange Bubbles
Candy Wrapped in Blue or Orange Wrapper
Blue or Orange Tote Bag


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