January 15, 2010

How To Color Splash Your Photos

Madison, 2 years ago. Those are her eyes. I did not enhance them.

For the past few years I've enjoyed COLOR SPLASHING my photos. I've been asked many times how do I do it, so I figured I share with the blog world if you do not already know.

Go to PHOTOBUCKET and upload the picture you want to Color Splash.

Click the EFFECTS tab

Click the GREYSCALE button

Your picture will now be black & white

  Click the ADVANCED OPTIONS button. A box will pop up
From the drop down menu APPLY TO PAINTED REGION.
This will turn your picture back to color.

 Click the INVERT box to turn your picture back to black and white.
 Click the ORGINAL button.
 Select your brush size and start painting where you want your COLOR SPLASH
TIP: Zoom in and out and change the SIZE of your brush as needed to get all the details

When you are done with you COLOR SPLASH click APPLY and SAVE your picture.

Yes, you can right click SAVE the picture to your computer and upload it to Walgreens to order a print, but images larger than 5x7 do not come out nice due to low resolution pixel count.

Have fun COLOR SPLASHING! If you have any questions please let me know :)


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