February 13, 2010

Texas Snow?? What? NO WAY!

Yes, it snowed in Texas! Can you believe it? I can't! I've never seen Texas snow like this in my life! It's amazingly beautiful.
We had over 7 inches of snow on Thursday.

It was a totally of 9 inches of SNOW.

What does 9 inches of snow do to Texans?

It makes us snow cRaZy!

I've always hated snow in Texas because it's always a mushy mess, but this time it's soft and crispy and so snowy. I have a new love for snow that I've never had before.
Madison had so much fun playing in the snow.

Daniel and my Brother Brandon made a snow man :)

Now that the snow has turned into a mushy mess, I'm ready for it to be gone but I sure did have fun!

How many inches of snow did you get?


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