March 7, 2010

Candyland Party

Candyland Party Ideas

After weeks of planning and endless hours of preparing, Madison's 5th Birthday Party is complete!

Welcome To Madison's Candy Land!!!
This was the most fun I have ever had with decorating a cake. I loved every minute of it and the more candy I added the better it looked.

The blue dots on the first layer are Gumballs, the second layer is Gum Drops, and the bottom layer is Starburst. Those are real cupcakes too. I used my Mini Cupcake Pan with those mini liners I won from Pink Little Cake for the itty bitty cupcakes. I added Jolly Rancher, suckers and crushed rock candy (crushed with a hammer). I also, put gum drops on a lollipop stick and bend them outward.
My home made sucker holder :}

I got 4 rectangle styrofoams and wrapped them in scrapbook paper. Then, I just pushed the suckers in place. Simple and cute :)
Happy 5th Birthday Sweets
Makin a wish... I sure do hope it comes true.

So sad seeing all my hard work ending up like this, but I know it was enjoyed.

Some of the candy decorations hanging. The candy lollipops stayed outside, leading up the walk way.

Check out the Candyland Bouquets we made for the centerpeices of each table.

Check out the Candy Suckers we made for the side walk leading up to the house.

Invitation To Madison's Candyland

We had a very sweet weekend.

What did you do this weekend??


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