April 29, 2010

Sweet Friday: 3D Disney Cars Cake

Sweet Friday
Disney 3D Cars Cake
By Raychel Kennedy
Wow oh wow was this cake a challenge.
 I doubted if I could do it, but I was patient and took my time. I had to hand carve this cake and with each cut I took a step back to reevaluate my next cut.

The only thing I DiSLiKE are the tires. They look a little flat lol.
The Eyes are my favorite part.
Maybe it's because they are so blue and I'm a sucker for blue eyes :D

Next time, I will do a few things different.
I will wait until the tires are nice and hard before I put them on the cake, but I am really proud of my 3D Disney Cars creation =)

So, what do you have planned this weekend?

I am supposed to do Canton (First Monday Trade Days) for Tutu Fairy, but I think I'm going to skip it this month. I have been so busy that I really want some family time. Time to relax and be lazy. Man oh man, that sounds nice!

"Maybe go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I don't know. I don't know if I'll have enough time" lol Can you guess what movie this is from??

It's my Favorite MOVIE of ALL Time :D

Great Mother's Day Gift: Flower Pot of Goodies

Tutorial Thursday
Flower Pot of Goodies
By Raychel Kennedy

  • Place styrofoam in a pail.
  • Stick suckers in the styrofoam.
  • Stick a Pixie Stick in the center of the styrofoam.
  • The Pixie Stick is your flowers stem.
Great gift idea for Get Well Gifts, Good Luck Gifts, It's a Girl Gifts, Centerpieces at a party, or a fun Mother's Day Gift.

Change up the colors for any occasion!

April 28, 2010

My Birthday! 25 Years

Yes, I am officially 25, TWENTY FIVE!!!! I haven't blogged in awhile so I need to update yall. My birthday was April 20th.

You may know about April 20th. Lots of eventful, sad things, are on April 20th.

April 20th is National Weeding Smoking Day. I've never even touched pot and I really do hate that it's the same day as my birthday. lol.

April 20th is the day Hitler was born... No words need to be said here but UGH.

April 20th is the anniversary of the Columbine School Shootings where 13 people lost their lives.

But on the bright side it's the day I was born :D

I didn't do much for my Birthday, because I just didn't have any time. We did go out to eat and Daniel (and my parents pitched in) bought me the Cake Cricut.
I'm very excited to start using this machine. I did test it out and made a very quick birthday cake for me. I actually do not eat cake but Madison wanted Mommy to have a cake on her birthday. She's a keeper :D

This is the best picture I was able to get with the family.
My fussy monkey.
 He didn't want to take pictures at all. He cried the whole time, but my magical tickling fingers finally got a smile out of him!

Oh, I also got a kick ass pair of UGG'S :D  Yes, I know it's getting hot but I still love to wear them around the house.
I'm so happy to be blessed with another birthday with my love. Daniel has celebrated ten birthdays with me. Spoiling me and loving me for over ten years :D I'm one lucky gal!

FYI... Another Feature...

My Creative Way will be on Tip Junkie again tomorrow!! Make sure to check it out!!


April 27, 2010

Guess what....

Tomorrow My Creative Way will be featured on Tip Junkie!! I'm so excited and this is just what I needed to motivate me to blog more! I'm over my blogging slump :D

April 16, 2010

Sweet Friday. Manly Man Cake

Sweet Friday
Manly Man Cake
by Raychel Kennedy

I am so happy it is Friday! In 4 days... omg... 4 days, I turn 25. I still do not know how I feel about this :D

Should I make my own birthday cake or go buy one for the store? What do you cake bakers out there do on your birthday? I actually do not eat cake but every year Madison doesn't understand why there is no cake at Mommy's Birthdays lol, so I have to have a cake.

Last weeks cake was a Manly Man Cake. It was a lot of fun to make too.

It was on very short notice. I had 3 days to make this cake and all the designs. The 50 on top has toothpicks holding it up because it didn't have enough time to dry. Other than that I think I did an okay job.

The dad that this cake was made for turned 50 years old, has a golden retriever dog, 3 kids, drives a BMW, went to law school, attend UT, loves the Cowboys, likes the sunny outdoors, works out, and loves the move ROCKY.

All in one cake... WHEW!! lol. Daniel, helped me out with this cake. He has been helping me out the last few cakes and I love it! We make a great team. He cut out the ROCKY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN, and helped with the sun.

I know that doesn't sound like a lot of help but sometimes cutting out letters can be so tedious.

Today, I am making a Pink & Black Skull Cake and a Pink & Black all things girly cake.

Monday, I have to make an xbox cake and I might make me a birthday cake. I've always wanted to make a Coca-Cola Can cake :D

For next weekend, I am making a Toy Story 3 Cake and a 3D Cars Cake.

So, the Cricut Cake came out... are you going to get it??

April 10, 2010

Sneak Peek... of next weeks cake

This is a sneak peek at next weeks Sweet Friday.

I'm working onit right now and it's alot of details.

This cake is for a mans 50th birthday party. He loves working out and drives a BMW.

So much more is going on this cake but you'll have to wait until next friday :D

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

April 9, 2010

Sweet Friday. Baby Shower Train Cake

Sweet Friday
Baby Shower Train Cake
By Raychel Kennedy

I made this cake a few weeks ago for a friends baby shower. It matches the decorations and I think it turned out cute.
The only problem I have with this cake is how the green came out. I worked so hard on making the green an olive color, but once I delivered it I realized the green should have been more of a lime color.
Grrrr... was I mad at myself. lol.... My damn computer distorted the colors when I was looking at the decor online. Oh, well. My friend LOVED it and so did the guest :D

Hope you guys have a very sweet friday. I am working on a 3 tier 50th birthday cake then I can't wait to spend time with my BEAUTiFUL family.

What are your plans this weekend?

April 8, 2010

I'm back!!

I was becoming a pretty good blogger than I took a one week vacation from blogger that turned into a 2 month getaway. Once you get out of the swing of things it's hard to get going again, but I'M BACK! 
 Easter weekend Tutu Fairy did First Monday in Canton, Texas. This was my first time so I didn't know what to expect, how to set up, or if it was even worth it but we pretty good. It rained the first day which messed up our pretty table cloths. Then, the next day I got 2nd degree sunburns on my chest and upper arms. I hate the out doors and this is why. Today, my blisters are finally going away but it's making it burn worse because they have opened up (yes gross, I know).

I now have 4 new dress forms. I think I'm in love :D They are so awesome. I have 2 wire dress forms and 2 fabric dress forms.
lol... I'm just eating the best peanut brittle in Texas!
 The kids came out to Canton on Saturday and had a blast. Jaxson was an angel and Madison passed out business cards. She was my walking billboard :D

April 2, 2010

Sweet Friday. Thank You Cake

Sweet Friday
Cakes By Raychel :D

Just because "We love you for all you do" cake :D

Hope you all are having a wonderfully Sweet Friday!

I'm doing Canton's First Monday with Tutu Fairy this weekend. What do you have planned?


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