April 16, 2010

Sweet Friday. Manly Man Cake

Sweet Friday
Manly Man Cake
by Raychel Kennedy

I am so happy it is Friday! In 4 days... omg... 4 days, I turn 25. I still do not know how I feel about this :D

Should I make my own birthday cake or go buy one for the store? What do you cake bakers out there do on your birthday? I actually do not eat cake but every year Madison doesn't understand why there is no cake at Mommy's Birthdays lol, so I have to have a cake.

Last weeks cake was a Manly Man Cake. It was a lot of fun to make too.

It was on very short notice. I had 3 days to make this cake and all the designs. The 50 on top has toothpicks holding it up because it didn't have enough time to dry. Other than that I think I did an okay job.

The dad that this cake was made for turned 50 years old, has a golden retriever dog, 3 kids, drives a BMW, went to law school, attend UT, loves the Cowboys, likes the sunny outdoors, works out, and loves the move ROCKY.

All in one cake... WHEW!! lol. Daniel, helped me out with this cake. He has been helping me out the last few cakes and I love it! We make a great team. He cut out the ROCKY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN, and helped with the sun.

I know that doesn't sound like a lot of help but sometimes cutting out letters can be so tedious.

Today, I am making a Pink & Black Skull Cake and a Pink & Black all things girly cake.

Monday, I have to make an xbox cake and I might make me a birthday cake. I've always wanted to make a Coca-Cola Can cake :D

For next weekend, I am making a Toy Story 3 Cake and a 3D Cars Cake.

So, the Cricut Cake came out... are you going to get it??


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