May 4, 2010

Review: Dr. Brown's Bottles

Dr. Brown's Bottles

This review was 17 months in the making. Let me explain.

When Madison was born (five years ago) she spit up after EVERY feeding. We heard about Dr. Brown's Bottles and switched. We loved them and told EVERYONE we knew how amazing these bottles are. Madison no longer spit up after feedings nor did she even have to burp. Madison was officially off the bottle at 10 months old.

Now, 5 years later with Jaxson we knew from the get-go that Jax would use these AMAZING bottles. He too, does not spit up after feedings but this last month we have found a problem.

When we lay Jaxson down with his bottle (yes he now can hold it) and when we come back there is formula EVERYWHERE. We never had this problem with Madison so I thought it was a malfunctioning bottle, until I tested all of his bottles out and discovered this... 
When you push the nipple up and down fromula fills the inner vent and it spills down the sides of the bottle leaving a HUGE mess.
It took a week to figure it out. I stared at Jaxson non-stop while he was holding his bottle and once he was done eating he would start playing with the nipple. Squeezing and squeezing it making a huge mess all over him and the bed.

I guess it's a boy thing. Boys with nipples lol, because I didn't have this problem with Maddie.

I really do not want to go and buy new bottles. Since Friday, Jax has been using a sippy cut during the day and the bottle at night.

I still like Dr. Brown's Bottles but very disappointed in my findings. I will no longer use them unless I am holding the bottle for him.

Oh, it drives me crazy when I see all those bad reviews on this bottle having too many parts and is hard to clean. I just do not agree. Yes, there is several parts, but that shouldn't bother you if the bottle helps your baby and if you rinse out the bottle as soon as the baby is done eating it is not hard to clean.

You can even buy a dishwashing caddy to put the parts in and throw in your dishwasher.

I would love to hear what you think about this bottle.



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