July 26, 2010

Boy's Applique Shirts

Applique Shirts for Boys

My newest sweet lil model for Tutu Fairy!
I've been wanting to add Boy Items to Tutu Fairy for a long time, and now that I have a boy I'm more eager to get things up and going.

You can make your own Applique shirts or place an order with Tutu Fairy!

Custom orders are always welcomed!

For the Numbers and Letters I use WORD to print out a tempate. I make it either 4x4" or 5x5".

Just make sure you mirror the image.
I use heat and bond on the back of the fabric. Cut out my template and iron on to the shirt. Then I sew around the edge of the Applique.

Super easy and fun!

If you have any questions just let me know and if you have any ideas of what you would like to see at Tutu Fairy I would love to hear!


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