July 3, 2010

Randall Cunningham

This is Raychel's husband, and she has a lot on her plate so like the great and awesome husband I am,I am writing this one time to see how this whole blog things works. I don't know anything about crafts or anything creative so like a typical man I am writing about sports. So as a father of two beautiful children I could never imagine losing a child. Randall Cunningham who was a quaterback in the NFL for 16 seasons and is now 47 son, Christian, drowned this week in the hot tub at his house. My heart goes out to Randall and his family. I grew up watching him play and just can't imagine the pain he is in. I know when Madison wants to go somewhere where they have a pool I always run that thought threw my head that what if she falls in the pool or slips and bumps her head. I am sure I am just being over protective but it is for good reason. Let me know your thoughts on this or something that you have experienced like this. Maybe if anybody likes hearing from me I could write one day a week. We could call it "Man day Mondays". Oh and by the way if you have not seen Toy Story 3 It is a must see, we were cracking up for 2 hours.



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