October 28, 2010

Number 1 Tip on Having a Great Blog...


Yes, if you actually write a post then you are on a good start to having a great blog!

I guess I should take my own advise and start blogging again :)

Halloween season, in my tutu world, is OVER and I can now turn my focus back to my blog. Well, until next cRaZy Halloween season of course. 

Another tip for a great blog is to blog at least 3-5 days a week. You want your readers to want to come back on a daily basis to check you out. If they like your blog enough they will subscribe.

I haven't blogged in a MONTH. Yeppers it's been one month since my last blog post and I'm so sorry! Blogger has this thing where you can schedule your post to publish when you want it to and I didn't take advantage of it this year. I should have not let my blogging slip through my fingers, but sometimes it's hard to juggle being a wife, a mom of two kids, the household, sports/drill, blogging, cakes, and tutus. Whew... crazyness and Mommy needs a vacation :)

I have so many great things to blog about and I'm ready to start crafting again and showing it to the world (well, my readers at least).

If there is something you would like to learn how to create just let me know and I would love to blog a tutorial about it.



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