November 18, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial

Tutorial Thurday
How to make Safety Pin Bracelets

You will need:
  • Safety Pins (70-100 for adults and 50-70 for kids) depending on wrists size and size of beads.
  • Beads (I use glass beads)
  • Elastic for jewelry making
  • Scissors

I bought my safety pins from a dry cleaning company. This box was $12.00 for 1440 safety pins.

I can make 28 kids bracelets with this box or 20 adult bracelets.
  • Pour all your beads in a bowl
  • Fill each safety pin with beads
  • Close safety pin
  • Get 2 peices of elastic and thread your safety pin through the top hole and bottom hole
  • Alternate sides of safety pins each time
  • Once it fits the size wrist you need tie each side of the elastic together.
  • Cut elastic and tuck through safety pin

Great gift!
If you do not want to make your own just send me an email and I'll create one for you :)

What do you think?

*Note* If you seen this exact tutorial before you are right. I reposted it, because it was linked to my other blog that no longer exist. I wanted it to be apart of My Creative Way :)


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