November 12, 2010

Tutorial: Team Spirit Gift

 Cute and Easy Team Spirit Gift
Madison was asked to bring 26 team spirit items for drill team. We could have brought anything, they just had to be a blue or orange item.

We decided to make Carnation Flower Hair Clips. These were a BIG hit with the girls and we even saw several Mom's wearing these on competition day in their hair.

What's great about carnations is they are not expensive and you can find them in almost ANY COLOR!
All you need...
1. Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Carnations (I used two colors blue and orange), Rhinestones (I used 25mm), Scissors, Ribbon, Alligator Hair Clip, and a Lighter.

2. Seperate your flower petals from the stems. Hot Glue 4 carnation petals together.

 3. I used the bottom of my lighter to push down so I didn't burn my finger.

4. Hot Glue your Rhinestone on top.

* Orange Petal, Hot Glue, Blue Petal, Hot Glue, Orange Petal, Hot Glue, Blue Petal, Hot Glue, Rhinestone*

5. Line your Alligator Clip with Ribbon and Glue to the back of your Flower.


Madison at Drill Practice :D

Other Team Spirit Gifts...
Batons with Blue and Orange Curly Ribbon
Blue Strand of Hair
Candy Bouquet
Blue or Orange Bubbles
Candy Wrapped in Blue or Orange Wrapper
Blue or Orange Tote Bag


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