December 22, 2010

Christmas Present Shirt & Bow

.Applique Christmas Present Shirt.

 I made Jaxson his Reindeer Shirt and was planning on making Madison the same shirt with the reindeer wearing a bow, but Madison decided she didn't want to match her brother. So I made Madison a Applique Present Shirt with this matching bow.....

This bow came out adorable! It's something any Mom can learn how to make.

This is her Applique Christmas Present Shirt. I hand painted on the HO HO HO on the white ribbon after it was sewn on.


Madison wore this shirt to her school Christmas party. I had several Moms and her teacher asking me where did I buy that adorable shirt and bow. It was a nice compliment :)

During our Christmas break....

I am organizing the house, donating toys, making a cake, and spending time with my kids! Madison is out of school and we are having fun playing with her Pet Shops.

During this time, I made a Zebra Diva Crayon Coin Bank, Zebra Diva Fabric Wreath, Zebra Diva Pillows and more! Can't wait to show you after the New Year :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas break!
What are your plans this Holiday season?


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