January 29, 2010

Tinkerbell Wall Tutu

About 2 years ago when we moved into the new house we painted Madison's walls and put up some Tinkerbell decals. Today, I want to show you a small portion of Madison's room.

On all of the Tinkerbell Decals we added Tutus :)

Don't you just L♥VE it?
I hand painted all of Tinkerbells pixie dust and place a rhinestone in the middle of each one while the paint was still wet. This was a very time consuming project but totally worth it.

I did add a tutu to this Tinkerbell decal, but I took the picture before I put it on her.
The pictures do not do justice. I took these pictures 2 years ago. I'm being lazy today and I'm not wanting to go in there and take more pictures. Hahaha sorry!

Madison has this dress and wings hanging up on her wall.

Dont you just love having none traditional decor on walls? I love the idea of putting pom poms, sequins, rhinestones, and, of course, tutus on the walls!

Any other ideas on what you would put on your wall?

Hope you all have a FANTASTICALLY safe weekend!

Madison Bakes!

Sweet Friday
Cake by Madison Kennedy
She is her mother's daughter.
 When Mommy makes a cake the Easy Bake comes out.
Watching her cake cool down.
Future Cake Baker??
hmmmm.... I think so!

I got my first Easy Bake Oven when I was ten years old. 

Madison is 4 and already has one. What about you? How old were you when you got your first Easy Bake Over? 

January 28, 2010

Guest Blogger, Kathia From Pink Little Cake


Do you want to make this koala? isn't she cute? Well, be patient, very patient.. and follow me. I actually made this koala bear while Cami was watching an episode of Dora, it was pretty easy and it didn't take too long. And please, forgive my English grammar and my spelling!
Koala Bear Toppers
Adapted from Frances McNaughton's book.

Materials and tools:

Sharp pointed scissors
Exacto knife
Heart cutter
Small flower cutter (optional)
Tweezers ( optional)
Black and white gumpaste ( you can use fondant in you want)
Pink gumpaste ( you can use fondant and what ever color you want)
A few pieces of dry spaghetti (I recommend using spaghetti because it's food and safer than using toothpicks)

Take a piece of the pink gumpaste for the body, then form it into an egg shape and add a piece of dry spaghetti in the middle for support.

Roll out a small piece of pink gumpaste and cut the heart .

Attach the heart to the tummy using the brush and a little bit of water.

Get another piece of pink gumpaste and divide it into 4 balls. Take 2 of the balls and form each one into a carrot shape to make the legs.

Attach one piece of dry spaghetti into each leg, and attach them to the body using a little water.

Mark the toes with the knife.

Remember, you made 4 balls before? And you already use 2 for the legs. Now take one of the balls and divide it into 2 balls and make smaller carrot shapes for the arms. Attach one piece of spaghetti into each arm. (my koala bear arms somehow look big, yours should be smaller)

Join the arms to the body and mark the fingers(paws?) with the knife.

For the head take a piece of pink gumpaste and form it into a square.(the size should be half of the body). Then take two small pieces of white gumpaste and make two flat ovals shapes for the ears ( see picture).

With the knife make a cut in each side of the head.

Then, stick the ears on the sides of the head pushing in gently . ( use water to attach them)

Snip around the edges of the ears with the scissors.

Mark the mouth with the knife. Make the nose from a black oval shape and the eyes from two tiny balls.

Attach the nose to the face and mark the place where you are going to put the eyes with the back of the brush. ( I do this because I always attach the eyes in the wrong place)

Attach the eyes

And now you have the head.

Attach the head to the body and you will have this cute koala bear. I even added a little flower detail on her head.

Now, you can just play around. I frosted a jumbo cupcake with vanilla frosting...

added some candy ...

Yes, keep looking because koala has a boyfriend or a husband?

I guess they are marry! they have a little koala bear together!
I hope you understood me and if you did, let me know if you would like to see more tutorials like this one. Play around and have a lot of fun making koalas.

Thank you, Kathia! You are more than welcome to come back anytime with any tutorial you would like. I love the ears and I do my eyes the exact way :)

I just know my readers will love this post. Thanks again.

Check out Kathia's sweet blog at http://www.pinklittlecake.blogspot.com/

January 27, 2010

Great Kids Day Crafts

Your Creative Way Wednesday

I've seen many school aged children make these in class (neices and nephews) and I think they are super fun and cute for the little ones to make.

Click Here for a free download from the amazing bloggers over at Skip To My Lou or get creative and make your own design. Maybe change up the flower.

What do you think you could do with this idea?

Just Got An Idea...
What a great idea for Mother's Day!

January 26, 2010

Nostalgic Graphic Tees

Etsy Tuesday

I found Elizabeth Horton Design on Etsy over the weekend by luck. She contacted Tutu Fairy and I went and check out her profile and came across an amzing store. Elizabeth Horton Design offers Nostalgic Graphic Tees that are very cute.

Curly Ballerina Nostalgic Graphic Tee - White with Bright Pink. Shop Now. Perfect for your tiny dancer for dance class or just because.

Whimsical Silver Fairy Long Sleeved Crew Neck Tee Shirt in White, Shop Now. This is my favorite! I love love it! I need one for Madison. Hmmmm.... maybe payday.

Have fun shopping!

So, which one is your favorite shirt from Elizabeth Horton Design?

January 25, 2010

DIY Monday: Leg Warmers

D.I.Y Monday
How to Make Leg Warmers
By Raychel Kennedy

You can find many different ways of making leg warmers on the web but this is how I turned a pair of socks into a pair of leg warmers. (also could be arm warmers)

Lay your socks out and cut each sock three times. One cut at the ankle, one cut under the heel, and one cut 2 inches above the toes.
Toss out the heel and toe cut outs.
Grab the smaller section (foot section) and fold in half ---> like the picture to the right.
Turn the sock inside out, place the cuff inside the sock, line up the cut edges, pin inplace, and sew the two pieces together.
 Do the other sock the same way. Turn socks right side out. You now have a set of leg warmers :)
This is the easiest way to make leg warmers. I have another way of making them. I will post in the future.

January 24, 2010

Mod Podge Valentine Mail Boxes

I'm getting a hang of this Mod Podge thing and my love for it grows and grows more each time.

I Mod Podge the Heart Paper on the front of the red  mail box and the inside of the pink mail box.
 I, then, Mod Podge the flags and added fun valentines day stickers.
I found these adorable mail boxes in the dollar spot at Target. They even had white ones. Think of the endless possibilities!

January 23, 2010

I made a Cape!!!

I made a Cape!

I've been asked many times by many different people if I was going to start making and selling capes and I finally made one :)

I am not going to sell any right now unless somebody ask me to do a custom order, but I'm going to start thinking of different fabrics. I, also, did not like the pattern I designed for this cape so I got to work on another cape pattern. I made this cape for my Superhero Nephew Ethan. Doesn't he look like he's ready to fight the bad guy?!

Super Cute!


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