February 19, 2010

Sugar Rose Wedding Cake

Sweet Friday
Sugar Rose Wedding Cake
By Raychel Kennedy
I made this cake for my Sister-N-Laws friend. She got married on Valentines Day. My Sister-N-Law did the roses. She got real roses, painted them with egg whites and covered them in sugar. They dry pretty hard and are very pretty to look at.

I love the flowers :) and this was the easiest cake I have ever made.

I am so happy it is Friday. I have been so sick with tonsilitis and an ear infection. Then the other night my ear drum busted. I've been in some pain and I'm excited to get out and do something. Daniel is taking me to a casino. We are going with my Dad, Step-Mom, Brothers and their wives. I've never gambled before. I'm excited and hoping that I will feel better by sunrise.

What are your plans for the weekend??

February 18, 2010

Bath Pouf Tutorial

Tutorial Thursday
Make your own Bath Pouf

Check out Ruffles and Stuff Tutorial to make your own bath pouf.

Isn't it great?! 

I love it, but I can honestly say it looks to hard for me to do.

February 16, 2010

You're Tutu Cute!

Etsy Tuesday
by Raychel Kennedy
On todays Etsy Tuesday I recommend shopping at Tutu Fairy :)

Right now Tutu Fairy is trying to reach 500 Fans on Facebook. To become a Fan find the link on the left sidebar. Sugguest Tutu Fairy's page to your friends and let us know to get your name entered to win a free tutu. You name will be entered 10 times! Once Tutu Fairy reaches 500 Fans we will have a huge giveaway with 5 winners. We can only do it with your help!


February 15, 2010

Zebra Tutu Bow Holder

Zebra Bow Holder

I'm so excited to share the newest item from Tutu Fairy.

This is our Zebra Bow Holder. Just clip your bows to the ribbon. You can buy one now at Tutu Fairy's Etsy.

Would look so cute in a little girls room and comes in handy for all those bows.

February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope all of you had a fantastically wonderful Valetine's Day with your perfect Valentine. Can you tell Madison got a Tutu?

I had a very busy day. Last night the kids stayed at Nana's so Daddy and Mommy could have a much needed date. Daniel took me to the Studio Movie Grill to eat and watch the new movie Valentine's Day. They movie was FANTASTIC!!

This morning I had to wake up early and finish a wedding cake (this week on Sweet Friday), then we headed out to the country to get the kids. I could barely contain my excitement on giving the kids their gifts. Nothing big, just the mail boxes I made with their Valentine's outfits inside, some candy & coloring books for Maddie and a rattle for Jax. Madison just loves gifts and her excitement makes my day.
I made Madison's outfit. She got a red and pink knotted tutu with a fabric heart applique shirt, and a matching fabric flower headband.
She loved it and looked so very sweet :)
I plan on selling this outfit at Tutu Fairy next Valentines Day.

I saw some Candy Bouquets at Kroger and wanted to make a couple. I'm hoping next time they will turn out better, but it was my frist attemp ever making Candy Bouquets like this. You might remember my other candy bouquets I did a few months ago.
Daniel was a perfect Valentine like always. This is our 9th Valentine's Day together and every year it gets better and better. Today, he woke up and bought me flowers, coffee and a bagel... yumm. Then he took me shopping and bought me a ton of clothes, a new purse, took me to see When In Rome, ate dinner, and now I sit here bloggin while we are watching Undercover Boss.
Daniel Kennedy is the best husband and father a girl could ask for and I'm so proud to say he is my MEANT TO BE :)

So, how was your Valentine's Day? What did your sweetheart♥ do for you?

February 13, 2010

Texas Snow?? What? NO WAY!

Yes, it snowed in Texas! Can you believe it? I can't! I've never seen Texas snow like this in my life! It's amazingly beautiful.
We had over 7 inches of snow on Thursday.

It was a totally of 9 inches of SNOW.

What does 9 inches of snow do to Texans?

It makes us snow cRaZy!

I've always hated snow in Texas because it's always a mushy mess, but this time it's soft and crispy and so snowy. I have a new love for snow that I've never had before.
Madison had so much fun playing in the snow.

Daniel and my Brother Brandon made a snow man :)

Now that the snow has turned into a mushy mess, I'm ready for it to be gone but I sure did have fun!

How many inches of snow did you get?

February 12, 2010

3D Domo Cake

Sweet Friday
Domo Cake
By Raychel Kennedy - That's me!
This is my cousin, Kennedy.
You may remember her from last weeks Sweet Friday when I made her a Domo Cake.

This is the 3D Domo Cake I made for Kenny's Birthday Party. His mouth is still wet, but it was dry shortly after.

I had fun making Domo, but midway through the decorating process I hurt my hand. That is why his right arm is lumpy. My hand hurt so bad that I wasn't able to smooth it out one handed.

Come back next week for a Wedding Cake I'm making for this weekend!

I would love to feature your sweets on Sweet Friday. If you are interested please let me know.

February 11, 2010

Guest Blogger, FawnDear from Mommy Blessings

Tutorial Thursday
Guest Blogger, FawnDear from Mommy Blessings
I'm tickled pink and red that Raychel has honored me with the request to Guest Blog my sweet Clay Valentine Hearts. I'm FawnDear from Mommy Blessings and I can't wait to share this fun craft with you.

Sometimes I cringe at the thought of buying boxed Valentines for my kids to hand out at school, knowing they usually are destroyed and land in the garbage before the day is out. So I try to come up with fun, yet inexpensive gifts for my kids to make.

This year the girls decided to make clay marbleized heart necklaces for their school girlfriends.
Winter 440
Supplies Needed: Oven bake Clay (I used Sculpey III), a very small heart shaped cookie cutter, 1 inch eye pins (found at most craft or bead stores, a jewelry jump ring, clay varnish, and ribbon. You can always skip the jewelry odds and ends and punch a hole through your clay for a cheaper version. poke the hole through the clay before you bake it though.

My kids love to help – so I wear them out warming up the clay for me. We just keep molding it until it’s nice and pliable.
Winter 443
To make the clay look like a marble we break off small hunks of two different colors and roll them together.
Winter 444
Fold and repeat until you have desired effect.
Winter 447
Roll it too much and you’ll have pink. Once you have a nice smooth sheet of clay, approximately 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick, go ahead and cut hearts out with a cookie cutter.
Winter 448
Then insert a jewelry eye pin carefully down the center of the clay heart (this step might have better results when completed by the adult instead of the kids). Speaking from my own personal experience that is.
Winter 457
Then put your hearts in a GLASS bottomed cake or casserole pan and bake in the oven following the clay manufacturer's guidelines. I ended up baking my hearts at 275 degrees F, for about 30 min.

Remove from oven and let cool. Once cool you can seal the clay with a clay friendly varnish. I made sure a tiny bit puddled around where the eye pin was inserted into the clay, just to give it an extra stability.
Winter 473
Once the finish was dry I added an extra O-ring to the eye hook.
Then thread some ribbon through the ring and you have a perfect little heart necklace.

We made around 50 heart necklaces from around three small packages of clay. It’s so hard to choose which were our favorites.
Winter 492
Happy clay crafting! Thanks again for the invite Raychel. It was fun sharing this bit of love with your readers.
Tootles, FawnDear

February 10, 2010

Your Creative Valentine

Your Creative Way Wednesday
Creative Valentine

I want to know what you plan on doing for your loved ones on Valentiens Day. Did you make something for your kids? Have a creative idea for your Husband? Handmade, baking, store bought gifts? Share Your Creative Way with us!! Give us some last minute Valentine gift ideas.

I haven't done anything for the Hubs just yet, but for the kdis I have a goody bag filled with goodies!

I'll share on Valentine's Day!

What about you?

February 9, 2010

Reuseable Snack & Trash Bags

Etsy Tuesday

First off, I just have to say how much I LOVE the name FUNKY JOY!            

This is the Reuseable Snack Bag in Retro Red Fabric. The inside is vinyl and is the prefect way to go green.

I really think reuseable snack bags are a must for school aged kids to take in their lunch box.

This is what I need. It would save some bickering when my husband and I sit in the car. I'm bad about leaving reciepts in the car. After awhile receipts are everywhere and Daniel gets annoyed :) lol

This is the Car Trash Bag in Brown Paisley Fabric. The inside of this Trash Bag is vinyl which can be wipped clean.

Over at Funky Joy's Etsy Shop she takes custom orders as well.

Lets go GREEN and shop at Funky Joy today.

She has a BLOG TOO!

February 8, 2010

Make a Picture Key Chain

D.I.Y. Monday
Picture Key Chain
I made this for my Mother-in-Law to always have a picture of her Grandkids close in hand.

You Will Need:
Glass Tile
Key Ring
Your Image (Picture)
Dimond Glaze
Foam Brush

Copy and Paste your image to Word and size it down to 1in by 1in.

Print your image on cardstock

Cut your image out.
Cover your Glass Tile with Diamond Glaze
 Place your Image face down over the Diamond Glaze. Flip your Glass Tile over to even it out. 
 Once your Image is even, firmly press down. Remove any air bubbles.
 Flip Glass Tile over. I printed out "Madison & Jaxson 2010" and added to the back.  I cut "Madison & Jaxson 2010" out and glued it to the back with the Diamond Glaze. You can skip this step.
 Next, we have to seal the image on the Glass Tile. Just evenly spread some Diamond Glaze over the back with your Foam Brush. I let it dry for 15 minutes then I added another coat. On the second coat of the Diamond Glaze I attached the Bail and pressed firmly down. Let dry over night. Then, add your Key Ring. (Sorry I do not have a picture for this step)
What Grandparent wouldn't love this gift :)


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