January 4, 2011

Hot Pink & Zebra Fabric Rag Wreath

How to make a Fabric Rag Wreath
Update: Check out Madison's Zebra Diva Room.
You will Need:
  • A Hanger or Wire
  • 1 yard of Fabric
  • Scissors or Shears
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun (optional)
Get your Hanger and shape it into a circle.

Bend the top of your hanger into a loop.
This is how you hang your Fabric Rag Wreath over a nail on your wall, or you can tie a piece of ribbon on this loop to hang the ribbon over a nail instead.

Cut fabric into strips.

I cut my fabric strips at 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. 

My Diva Zebra Fabric Rag Wreath pattern is Hot Pink, Zebra, Zebra, Hot Pink, Zebra, Zebra etc...

Tie one piece of fabric around the wreath. You can double tie it or single tie it. To secure you can place a dab of Hot Glue in the center of each knot.

I double tied it and did not use any glue.

Go all the way around your hanger until you can not fit any more fabric on it.

Add a Ribbon Bow and you are finished :)

Perfect for Madison's new Diva Zebra Room :)

I want to make one this year for Christmas and Halloween!


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