March 9, 2011

Hot Pink Zebra Diva Birthday Party Ideas

Hot Pink Zebra Diva Birthday Party Ideas
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I am so excited to show you Madison's 6th Birthday Party. I hope you like!

Zebra Diva Cake Table
This is the cake, cupcakes, and goody bag table.

I found the Hot Pink Zebra Balloons and White Zebra Balloons at Hobby Lobby.

1. Learn how to make your own Tulle Pom- Poms by clicking this link. 

2. Zebra Favor Boxes found at Hobby Lobby. Inside includes: a handful of Hot Pink and Black Sixlets Candies with a "Thank You" Tag, a huge 'BLING' Diamond Ring, Bubbles, Letter 'M' Cookie, and a Pink/Silver Beaded Neckless.

Colored Sixlets Candies and the Cookies from Pink Little Cake (check out her great blog)

3. Handmade Banner from Scrappin Ash on Etsy. She was able to send it to me in pieces so Madison and I could make it together as a craft.

4. I added a few of the left over party favors, "Bling" Diamond Ring, on the tables for some extra sparkle. I found these in the 'Bachelorette Party' section at Party City...
The Zebra Diva Cake

I made this cake but if you do not have time purchase a cake. Remember, the birthday cake is the main centerpeice of the whole party. It is worth every penny you are able to spend on the party cake.

I used a 8", 6", and hand carved a 4" round cake. I set the Zebra Diva Cake on a 10" cake stand to give it some height and I added a Pink and Black Boa underneath the cake stand for some fun flare.

To learn more about this cake here is the link to the post.

 Finger Food Table Ideas

~The Finger Food Table Completed~
Can you see the wall moldings? The wall paper (in the corners) is actually a grape print. I covered it with Zebra Wrapping Paper :)

1. Pink, White, and Black Popcorn from Rodeo City Popcorn. This popcorn was so good! We had Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Cheese Cake, and Black flavored popcorn.
2. Oreo Cookies (Zebra inspired)
3. Left over Black Sixlets inside a leftover Goody Box
4. We covered empty boxes with Zebra Wrapping paper to lift certain foods up higher.
5.  Pink and Black Zebra Pails found at Hobby Lobby made a great fork/spoon holder. 
6. Printable Banner made by Peace Heart Cupcakes on Etsy. I also bought the zebra cupcake toppers but forgot all about them.

The biggest finger food hit at the party was.....
The Marshmellow Pops
You will need: 1 cake dummy, 1 bag small marshmellows, 1 bag JUMBO marshmellows, 1 bag sucker sticks, zebra wrapping paper, tape, and scissors.

Just wrap zebra wrapping paper around a circle cake dummy leaving one inch hanging over the top (this will hold the marshmellows in), add the new JUMBO Marshmellows to sucker sticks and stick in the cake dummy, Then fill the cake dummy with small marshmellows.

Great craft that the birthday girl will love to help with.


I took the picture myself and had Peach Prints from Etsy make the invites. They came out PERFECT! I just had to upload them to walgreens and printed them out in a 4x6 or 5x7.

More Zebra Ideas...
  • I cut out a 10 inch by 6 feet table runner out of Zebra Wrapping Paper and placed it over a pink/black plastic table cloth. Just add a few pieces of tape to secure in place. 
  • I found zebra curly ribbon at a local craft store and it came in handy from the party favors, to closing the cookies, to hanging the tulle pom poms.
  • The Number "6" Zebra Diva Shirt was made by me and can be purchased from Tutu Fairy.
  • I used Zebra Cupcake Liners for the cupcakes

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know it was long but I hope I gave you some creative ideas to help with your upcoming Zebra Diva Party.


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