April 4, 2011

How to add pages to your blog...

How to Add Pages to Your Blog

Now, it is super easy to add PAGES to your BLOG. Go to Design, Add A Gadget, add "Pages" gadget and save it to your page.
Then, go to Posting (like your blogging a new blog post) and click EDIT PAGES.

Once your on the "EDIT PAGES" page you can start adding your new pages and arranging them however you like.

"You can add up to 10 stand-alone pages such as an "About Me" page". - Information from the "Edit Pages" page.

I'm still working on my pages but the "Cakes By Raychel" page is complete. My cakes are in one place by clicking on the Cakes Label on the right sidebar, or you can find each individual cake post by looking at the list of cakes on the "Cakes By Raychel" Page Tab. 


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