April 6, 2011

How to Make an Easter Wreath

How to Make an Easter Wreath
Wreaths are very popular for any occasion. People hang up wreaths for religious beliefs (symbolize the coming of Christ), for weddings (as a headdress) and for household decorations.  
Each wreath is unique and it's amazing how creative you can get in creating a wreath. Check out these amazing Easter Wreaths I found and learn how to make them for your household.

Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Peeps Bunny Easter Wreath
by Kimberly Danger from 

 Easter Egg Wreath with Grass :)
Click here to see her 'Easter Egg Wreath' with Grass

I love them all! Thanks for the inspiration ladies :) These adorable and creative wreaths have me feeling the inspiration. I am working on two Fabric Easter Wreaths for tomorrow's post.

What other ideas do you have for Creative Easter Wreaths? Send your Creative Easter Wreath pictures Here  and I will feature you on this blog.


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