April 21, 2011

Make your own confetti-filled eggs!

Confetti-Filled Eggs Tutorial
Great Easter Kids Craft

I saw some confetti-filled eggs at Target and decided to create some of my own. I have never heard of these before, but a friend informed me that these are called Cascarones and her family makes them every year. It's a mexican tradition and it just may become a Kennedy Family tradition :)

Supplies Needed:
  • Real Eggs 
  • Needle or Stitch Cutter
  • Confetti or Glitter
  • Paint
  • Glue Stick
  • Tissue Paper or Paper Towel/Napkin

  • Use a Stitch Cutter and poke a small hole on the top and bottom of each egg.

  • Then, make the hole on the bottom of the egg bigger (about 3/4") by carefully picking the shell away.
  • Rinse out all the egg from inside your shell

  • Let your eggs dry.

  • Use glitter or confetti. We made our own confetti by cutting paper in tiny peices.

  • Have fun with your kids filling up the empty eggs with confetti.

It's looking good!

  • Get a piece of tissue paper (I used a 1"x 2" peice of paper towel) and place glue all over it.

  • Cover up the hole on your eggs

Now decorate your eggs!

We didn't have paint on hand so we used NAILPOLISH :)

Have fun and smash them over daddy's head!

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