April 25, 2011

Peeps Pop Centerpiece and Peeps Cupcakes

DIY Monday
.Peeps Pop Centerpiece and Peeps Cupcakes. 
Place a sucker stick in each Peeps. Then, individually wrap and tie close with curly string or ribbon.  Have fun creating your very own Peeps Pop!

Tips for making the centerpiece...
  • Use any shape of styrofoam and glue ribbon around it.
  • Have ribbon come up at least 1/2 an inch. This will be your border to hold the candies in.
  • Stick your Peeps Pops in the styrofoam and just add your candies to cover the top of the styrofoam.
Cute Centerpiece!

Just grab and go :)


Bake your cupcakes and frost. Add a Peeps and some Easter Egg Candies.


Thanks for the idea, Ashley!

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