June 30, 2011

Xbox cake and xbox controller cakes


Here is an Xbox Cake and 4 Xbox Controller Cakes. The xbox cake was simple to make. The controllers took some time ;)

The Birthday Boys!

June 29, 2011

Cowgirl Fondant Cake with Matching Cowgirl Cupcakes

Fondant Cowgirl Cake

I made this 2 tiered cowgirl cake a couple weeks ago. The girl on a horse cake topper is made out of a rice krispy treat, then covered in fondant.

I am not too happy with the bandana :(

Cowgirl Cupcake Toppers include: Cowgirl Boot, Lucky Horse Shoes, Western Stars, and a Blonde Girl.

The cowgirl cake and cupcakes on the cake table.

June 22, 2011

Mac Computer Cake with Post-it Note

Mac Computer Cake

This was a very small cake feeding only 12 people. I didn't have alot of time to spend on it so this is what I came up with.

Mac Logo Cake with Post-it Note reading "Happy Birthday Shash". The cake is sitting on a wood looking fondant covered cake board.

June 21, 2011

Tutorial: How to make Camo Cupcakes

Camo Cupcakes Tutorial
by Ashlee Rivera

Check out these adorable Camo Cupcakes my friend, Ashlee, made :)

I made these cupcakes for my boys to give to their dad for Father's Day. I wanted to make a "manly" cupcake so I decided on camouflage.
You will need:
-1 box of yellow cake mix and the ingredients to make it
-Green food color gel
-Brown food color gel
-Cupcake liners
-3 mixing bowls

First preheat the oven to the temperature on the cake mix box.
Make your cake mix.
Separate the batter between three mixing bowls.

Now grab your food color gel and add them to 2 of your bowls of batter.

Once you have put the cupcake liners into your muffin pan start adding a spoonful of batter to each one and then alternate the colors. There is no wrong way of making the pattern.

Continue doing this until your muffin pan is full.

Bake for the amount of time given on your cake mix box.

And they will look like this!
 Camo cupcakes!

You can leave them plain like this or you can frost them. I will be frosting mine with chocolate buttercream! This is also a great recipe to let the kiddos help out with. They can help with spooning the batter into the cupcake liners!

Thanks, Ashlee! These look wonderful and I can not wait to try them!

Check out my post to see how I made a rainbow/tie-dye cake :)

Can you answer my blogging quesitons?

I am not able to post comments on my blog or other blogs. It keeps taking me to the loggin page and I log in, but then it doesn't post the comment. I haven't been able to work this for over a month and it's driving me crazy! If you have been wondering why I haven't stopped by your blog lately, I HAVE! I just can't leave a comment.

Or if you are wondering why I haven't responded to a comment you left on my page, I'VE TRIED! Nothing I do seems to fix the issue. Are you having the same issue? Do you know how to fix it?

Thanks for your help :)

June 18, 2011

Beer Bucket Cake. Father's Day Cake.

Father's Day Beer Bucket Cake
I made this cake for the Dad's in my family. My wonderful Husband, my Dad, my step-Dad, and my Father-in-Law.

I used real beer bottles for the beer, rock candy for the ice, and covered the sides of the cake in wood looking fondant.

Happy Father's Day 2011!!

June 15, 2011

Super Easy DIY Satin Fabric Flower Hair Clip

DIY Satin Fabric Flower Hair Clip
Moms and Kids Crafts
Satin Fabric
Circle Templates (large, medium, & small)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Bead or Rhinestone
Alligator Clip

(Kids) Trace 2 of each template on the backside of your satin fabric.
 (Kids) Cut out each circle.
(Moms) Use your lighter and heat the edges of each circle cutout until it starts to curl up slightly.
(Moms) Hot Glue your layers large, medium, small on top of eachother.
(Moms) Hot Glue a rhinestone or bead to the center.
(Moms) Hot Glue a lined or unlined Alligator clip to the back

Madison and I made a few of these last week during our craft time. Hope you enjoy :)

June 14, 2011

Carnival Inspired Tutu Dress

Carnival Inspired Tutu Dress

Beautiful color Tutu Dress ! Fun Rhinestone Feathered Hair Clip! Braided Feather Rhinestone Flower Sash.

This is my new favorite Tutu Dress from Tutu Fairy :)

Tea Length Dress


June 13, 2011

DIY Rolled Fabric Rose

DIY Rolled Fabric Rose

Fabric Strips 1" - 1.5" wide
Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

Rhinestones, Beads, Feathers, Alligator Clip  (Optional)

Knot the top of your strip and start twisting the fabric around your knot making a circle shape. Glue in place as you go. You want to make sure to rotate your fabric, like a spiral, as you are forming your circle rose. Once you get it the size you want, cut your fabric and glue in place.

Add a rhinestone, bead, button etc.. to the center.


Feathered Fabric Rose Hair Clip

Turn your Rolled Fabric Rose into a Feathered Fabric Rose Hair Clip by gluing them together, adding feathers to the back, sealing it with a felt backing, and gluing an alligator clip to the back.

Great for girls of all ages!

You can even add it to a fabric covered headband like I did for Madison's 2010 Valentines Day Outfit.


June 12, 2011

Turquoise Foofa Tutu Set

Turquoise Foofa Tutu Set
This was a custom order I just finished. She wanted a Turquoise Tutu Skirt with a hint of Pink, and a Foofa Applique Shirt with a Rhinestone Daisy.

Also included:
Bow attached to Tutu Skirt
2 Detachable Shoulder Puffs
and matching 6" Hair Bow

June 10, 2011

Spongebob Squarepants Sheet Cake

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

Plankton, Spongebob Square Pants, and Patrick

Looks like Patrick got buried in the sand.

To get the brown sand, I just added food coloring to regular white sugar :)

Spongebob is a rice krispie treat covered in fondant.

Checkout my other Spongebob Squarepants Creations:
Girly Spongebob 2 Tiered Cake
3D Spongebob Square Pants Cake
Spongebob Tutu Set

Need Spongebob Party Ideas?

Checkout Madison's 4th Spongebob Birthday Party!


June 8, 2011

DIY Pillowcase Dress Tutorial. No ARMholes to cut out!

.Pillowcase Dress Tutorial.

This is a very easy Pillowcase Dress Tutorial. If you can sew a straight line you can sew this Pillowcase Dress. No ARMHOLES to cut out!!

Supplies Needed:
1yd of fabric
Sewing Machine
2 - 3 yds Ribbon 1.5"
Safety Pin

**Before I started I sewed 6" of pink fabric to my brown fabric. You can just use a solid peice of fabric or add a trim like mine if you would like. I'm writing this tutorial like the brown and pink fabric is one solid peice of fabric.

Getting Started:

Decide want size you are making. I want a 6x dress. I need it to be 24" long.

Here are some Pillowcase Dress Sizes you can use:
6-9 Months: 14" Long
12 Months: 15.5" Long
18 Months: 17.5" Long
2T: 19.5" Long
3T: 21" Long
4T: 22" Long
5/6: 24" Long
7/8: 26" Long

I personally like all of Madison's PCD to be 21" long. She wears a 6/7 and it is a long shirt instead of a dress. It goes right above her knees and looks adorable with a pair of jeans or leggings.

Cutting Your Fabric:
Cut your fabric at 21". This is the width of the dress. It is about 3x's the chest measurements.

You need to cut 2 panels of fabric. One for the front of the dress and one for the back of the dress.

If you are making a PCD under 12Months old cut it at 20". If it is over a size 8 cut it at 22".

Decide what lenght you need
I need a dress 24" long. Add 3 inches to the length you need. Cut your fabric. I will cut my fabric at 27" long. I added 3 inches, because I'm adding 2 inches to the top and 1" to the bottom of the dress.

Now you have two panels of fabric both measuring 21" width x 27" (or whatever your length + 3 is) Length.

Lets Start Sewing!

Sewing the Sides

Start with the sides of your dress, fold the fabric 1/2" and sew. I fold my fabric once and use a zigzag sticth. You could double fold your fabric and use a straight stitch if you prefer.

Sew both sides of the dress and do the same thing with your other panel of fabric. (4 total)

Sew the Bottom

I fold the bottom part of the dress 1" and sew a zig zag stitch. Do the same with your other panel of fabric.

Right now you should have 2 panels of fabric with 3 sides sewn. The top of the dress is still unsewn at this point.

Sew the Top of your dress
Fold your fabric down 2" and sew a zig zag stitch.

TIP: You want to always make sure to sew this part (top of the PCDress) after you sew the sides of the dress. If you do it first you will mess up the armholes and the hole to add your ribbon.

Sewing your 2 fabric panels together

Have both outsides of your fabric panels facing eachother and line them up. It should look like it's inside out.
Start from the bottom of the dress and sew a straight stitch 1/4" from the side. Do NOT sew all the way up! You will sew closed the armholes.

Stop 6" from the top of your PCDress. This is your ARMHOLE!

Repeat and do the samething with the other side. Make sure to stop 6" from the top of the dress!!

On the inside of your dress open up the flap. Sew back up the side of your dress using a zig zag stitch. Repeat with other side. make sure to stop at the 6" mark again. You are just resewing over the straight stitch we just did.

Turn your Pillowcase Dress right side out. It should look like a Pillowcase :)

Add the Ribbon

Grab your 1.5" wide ribbon and cut at 36" - 46". I cut my ribbon at 36". You will need 2 peices of ribbon. One for the front of the dress and one for the back of the dress. 

Use a safety pin in the middle of your ribbon. Feed it through the hole in the top of your dress...
Feed the safety pin all the way and even the ribbon out on both sides. Do the same thing to the other side of your Pillowcase Dress.

Sewing your Ribbon in Place

Fold the top of your PCD in half to find the center of your ribbon. Sew using a zig zag stitch to secure. Repeat with the other side of your dress.

Heat Sealing Your Ribbon

Fold each end of your ribbon in half. Hold securely and cut to a point. Keep holding your ribbon in half and heat seal the ends with a lighter or wood burner.

Voila! You are finished and didn't have to worry about any armholes :)

If you have any questions email me!

Learn how to make a matching bow by clicking here!

Learn how to add an applique to the front of your PCD by clicking here!


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