June 6, 2011

Tutorial Tulle Pom Poms. DIY Tulle Puffs.

Tulle Pom Poms Tutorial

NEW updated tutorial from our post How To Make Tulle Pom Poms

I used 3 rolls. I wanted 3 colors in my Tulle Pom Pom.

Measuring Tape

Gather all 3 rolls of tulle together and cut to make the strands even.

I wanted my Tulle Pom Pom to be 8".
Cut each strand of tulle 8" long. If you cut them in threes it takes less time then cutting them one by one.

For an 8" ball cut a total of 30 - 40 strands of tulle.
If you are making a bigger tulle pom pom cut more strands.

Push and line up your tulle. Pinch your tulle in the middle.

Cut an extra strand of tulle and tie in the middle securing it.


Gather each end of your tulle pom pom (one end at a time) and you will most likely have uneven strands of tulle.

Cut the uneven strands to make them even like above.

Add your ribbon to the tulle and secure it in a knot.

Fluff out your Tulle Pom Pom and you are FINISHED!


Hang up your new Tulle Pom Pom and enjoy!

Great for Birthday Parties, Weddings, and Kids Room Decor!!

I made Tulle Pom Poms for Madison's Diva Zebra Party and now they are in her Diva Zebra Room over her bed.


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