August 17, 2011

Womens Thong Butt Cake. Cakes by Raychel

.Bachelorette Party Cake.
~Womens Butt Cake~

I made this "BUTT" cake for a bachelorette party. They requested a womens butt, wearing a cute hot pink thong, and "I ♥ John" on one butt cheek.

It's amazing how many jokes you can crack when making a butt cake.

I used a 9 x 13 sheet cake and the sports ball pan.

Just place each side of the ball cake for the butt cheek on top of the sheet cake. Then you want a carve the sheet cave to make a womens figure. Curves! Give her an hourglass shape.

Cover in buttercream, then fondant, and add your fondant decor. Viola! You now have a butt cake :)

I never thought I would be asked to make a thong butt cake, but I actually enjoyed making it. My husband and I had lots of jokes and experienced lots of laughs while creating this thong cake.


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