October 20, 2011

Fondant Beach Babe Cake with Sea Shells and Starfish

Beach Babe 2 Tier Cake

This cake is a remake of a cake that I made a few years ago.

Here is the link of my first beach babe cake. It was a 3 tier cake for my grandmothers birthday.

 This 2 tier beach babe cake was for a friends mother. I think it's adorable and am so happy that this cake was a hit at the party. This time instead of making chocolate sea shells and starfishes I made them out of fondant. 

The top layer is covered in buttercream and then the buttercream is covered in crushed graham crackers. The bottome tier is covered in white fondant with blue food coloring/vodka mixture painted on vertical.

So pretty! The blues really POP!

Hope you have a very Sweet Friday!

Halloween season is almost over! That means tutorials are coming soon :) I have lots of great things to come, including a new look for this page. Oh, did you notice we are no longer a blogspot.com anymore?


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