December 27, 2011

Melted Crayon Art with Kids Names. TIPs to DIY

DIY Melted Crayon Art
~Great Kids Craft~

These are all over Pinterest and I do not know who to give credit to for the orginal idea. This is a fun and creative idea for kids and adults.

To DIY all you need is.....
Blow Dryer
Hot Glue Gun or another type of glue
Canvas or white cardboard (shirt box)
Black Stickers for kids names.

Easy DIY Melted Crayon Art STEPS:

Add the childs name with black stickers on the bottom of your canvas/board.
Glue crayons at the top of your canvas or white cardboard.
Get your blow dryer and melt the crayons.
Let Dry (takes 30 seconds or less).

The kids and I made four of these in 2 days. Here are some helpful tips I learned along the way...

  1. Use at least 2 or more same colored crayons next to eachother. Jaxson's crayon art was the first one we made and the colors look darker, because they blended together too much.
  2. No need to melt the entire crayon. Just melt the tips of the crayons. On Jaxson's we started to melt the crayons from the top and it took awhile to start melting. It, also, made the paper around the crayon waxy. If you just melt the tips of the crayons the paper will still be nice and bright light Madison's Crayon Art. Only the top of the paper (near the tips) will be darker from the melted wax.
  3. Blow dry downward. If you keep the blow dryer straight on the crayon it will go everywhere when it starts to melt.
  4. Lay down paper under your melted crayon art. Just in case :)
Jaxson's Melted Crayon Art (Our 1st Creation)

Madison's Melted Crayon Art (Our 2nd Creation)

Madison & Madilyn's Melted Crayon Art (our 3rd and 4th creations)

Madison's cousin, Madilyn, spent the night and this was a great project for the girls to create. I didn't have any more white canvas, so we just used shirt boxes left over from Christmas.

These crayon arts will hang above their new art centers my father made. {Picture HERE}

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