January 1, 2012

Kids Art Center Tables.

Kids Art Center Tables
Chalkboard Table Top

 For Christmas my daughter wanted an Art Center, but I couldn't find one like I envisioned. I told my father what I had in mind and he was able to create these Art Center Tables for me.

We put the kids Melted Crayon Art above their table.

Each art table has a Chalkboard Table Top that the kids love! Jaxson used a crayola instead of chalk on his table top, but it easily came off with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Underneath the tables has a shelf to hold coloring books and a storage bin for art supplies.

The art tables has a shelf and cork board to pin up their favorite creations. Eventually, the cork board will cover the whole backing. The store only had 2 and the rolled cork board wasn't thick enough.

I used Jif Peanut Butter jars for some of the art supplies.

Madison has mason jars for her art supplies until we can eat more peanut butter :)

The Chalkboard labels work GREAT!

You can purchase some Chalkboard labels HERE. Leave them as is or cut them in half to get more for your money.  I love them and I will be purchasing more. Instead of using chalk use a chalk marker. It will stay on better with the kids handling them.

I love seeing my kids be creative!

Now, it's time to work on a reading center...  EEEK!! So excited!


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