March 18, 2012

How to make an Easter Tutu Basket {Tutorial}.

Easter Tutu Basket

I get several emails every year asking how to make an Easter Tutu Basket. You may remember {this Easter Tutu Basket} I made a few years back. Today, I finally had some time to create a new Easter Tutu Basket and write a tutorial.

I made my basket from an old ice cream container...
You will need:
1/2" ribbon and 3/8" ribbon (I used Satin)
2-4 spools of Tulle (6" x 25 yards) Picture is 6" x 100 yds. You will not need that much.
Measuring Tape
Ice Cream container or plastic Easter basket
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Easter Tutu Basket Tutorial:

Gather your supplies and start cutting your tulle. I wanted my tutu to be 6" long, so I doubled it and cut it at 12" long.

You may be asking, "How much tulle do I use?".

Just measure around your basket in inches and that's how many knots you'll need. Then, times that by 4 and that is how many strands of tulle you will need to cut.

My basket is 30" around. I will need 30 knots. Each knot will contain 4 strands of tulle, so I will need to cut a total of  120 strands of tulle.

Simple enough right?

 After your tulle is all cut...
 gather 4 strands of tulle, line them up, and fold them in half.

Cut your ribbon 6" longer than you need. My basket was 30" so I cut my ribbon at 36".

 Tie a Larks Head Knot onto your ribbon, like the picture above.

 Do not tie your knots too tight. We want them to be 1" per knot. If you happen to make them tighter just use more knots at the end.

 All your knots should be added now.

Tie 2 small single knots in your ribbon. This will hold your tulle in place, so it doesn't move back and forth.

 With a hot glue gun, start gluing each knot to your basket.  Work your way all the way around.

 Tie your ribbon into a double/triple knot and cut away excess ribbon.

 You could stop here if you'd like, but I need that blue handle gone.

Start by tying 3 long strands of tulle at one side of the handle and wrap all three strands up and around your handle...
Glue your tulle as you work your way up and down. Now, your handle matches :)

 I used satin ribbon to cover the top trim of the basket. Just glue in place.

 Make 2 pretty satin bows and glue to each handle.

 Now, you have an unique one of a kind Easter basket. No one will ever know you use to eat ice cream out of it at 11 o'clock at night :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have some tulle left over you should make a matching Easter Egg Tutu Wreath {like this one}.


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