April 12, 2012

How to make a Candy Bouquet in a wine glass

Wine Glass Candy Bouquet

I've showed you how to make a Candy Bouquet in a party cup, but several of you have asked how I made the Margarita Jolly Rancher Bouquet. I've made so many candy bouquets out of several different containers.

 I've made Candy Bouquets out of soup cans, margarita glasses, party cups, beer mugs, Coke Can, metal pails, boxes, sundae cups, coca-cola glasses,  Cheerleader Megaphone, and now a wine glass. I wish I had a picture of the beer mugs - so cute and a great gift for father's day. Maybe, I'll make another one soon.

This tutorial is very similar to the how to make a candy bouquet tutorial, but it is a little different.

Supplies you will need....

  1. Wine Glass or Margarita Glass - I used a wine glass because I couldn't find a margarita glass at the dollar store this time around.
  2. Styrofoam Ball- Pick a size that fits your glass. My ball is 3"
  3. Jolly Rancher Candy - I bought a large bag. You will have left over candy. You can use a different candy if you want.
  4. Glue Gun - Not pictured but I use a mini low heat glue gun.
  5. Glue Sticks - Not pictured but they fit my glue gun.
  6. Knife - to cut your styrofoam ball.

DIY Steps...

Place your styrofoam ball inside your glass and cut off the bottom half. You only want 1/4 of an inch of styrofoam ball inside your glass.

I only had to cut off 1/4 of my ball. Place your cut ball aside.

 Fill your glass with candy leaving 1/4 of an inch empty at the top.

 Place hot glue around the rim of your glass. Do this step and the next step fast so your hot glue does not cool down.

 Place your pre-cut Styrofoam ball inside your glass and firmly press.

 Hot glue your candy on the styrofoam ball starting from the bottom. Do this one row at a time, working your way to the top.

 Once you get your ball covered with candy you are finished, or you can add some curly string or a bow.

 Simple to make, fun to create, and a great gift to give.

I would love to see how yours turns out :)


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