August 27, 2012

First Day of School Picture Ideas

 First Day of School Picture Ideas
There are so many different ways to creatively capture the first day of school. I like the idea of holding a sign that says what grade she's going in.
Or you can have a shirt made that says it all....
 Madison started the 2nd grade today in style. She is a sassy little thing and I am very proud of her. She is entering the 2nd grade on a 5th grade reading level :) PROUD MOMMY!
2nd Grade ROCKS Embroidery Shirt from Tutu Fairy!!
 This morning we surprised her with the "M" necklace that is hanging around her neck. Just a small "Surprise" gift for the first day of school letting her know how proud we are and how great this year is going to be. We've done this every school year and plan on doing it every year to come.

Pinterest has several creative first day of school ideas I found. Check them out....
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Side walk chalk from
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Childs Favorite Things Photo from
Chalk Board Sign from Kelly's Korner.
 What creative ideas do you have? Leave a comment or send me an email of your pictures to

August 17, 2012

Lily Flower Graduation Cake

Lily Graduation Cake

This cake may look familiar. It's because I've made one similar to it a few years back. Here is the Lily Graduation Cake I made a few years ago: CLICK THIS LINK.

This cake has lily flowers and is topped with a graduation cap and diploma. I love the way Desirae spells her name!

I hope you come back next Sweet Friday to see what I have in store ;)

August 13, 2012

DIY Teacher Gift. Kids Craft.

Teachers Tote Bag

Please excuss my daughter's hair in these pictures. It was field day at school and she had a blast :)

 My daughter and I made this cute little tote bags for the end of the year teachers gift a few months ago. After we made the bag we stuffed it with her teachers favorite goodies.

To DIY you will need:
A Tote Bag
Iron On Letters
Household Iron

 This was a great craft for Madison to do herself (except for the ironing). She spelled out Mrs. Whittingtons name and placed it on the bag how she liked. I ironed it in place.

Then, Madison spelled out Mrs. Whittington's frist name, Shannon, and added it to the front.

I love seeing Madison being creative no matter how big or small.

More totes...

 I made these totes for a little girls birthday party. I did the same thing as above but ironed on some rhinestones and glued on a flower.

I made these BINGO totes for my step-mother's Bingo friends.

August 9, 2012

Cupcake Stand Turned into Wall Art. Tutorial

Cupcake Stand Wall Art

This is such an easy thing to do that it does't need a tutorial but here it is anyway :)

Supplies Needed:
Wiltons Cupcake Stand (My cupcake stand holds 40)
Hammer & Nails
Spray Paint (I used Yellow)
Fabric Flowers or Rhinestones (optional)
Glue Sticks (optional)

I haven't used this Wilton's Cupcake stand since Jaxson's Baby Shower HERE. It has been sitting in my livingroom closet taking up space. I decide to get rid of it, but then it clicked that it could be some adorable wall art.

 Your cupcake stand has legs on the bottom. You need to take them off. They will just pop off if you move the metal side to side.

 Take your cupcake stand outside to spray paint it. I used spray paint by Krylon in Yellow. I did 3 light coats of spray paint.

Don't forget to lay something down to protect the concrete from your paint.

 Once it was dry I couldn't decide if I wanted a Rhinestone Center or Fabric Flower Center.
Which one do you like better?

 I decided on the Fabric Flower in Grey.

 These litterally just slips on a nail. Hammer a nail in the wall and hang.

On the smallest cupcake stand (the top part that holds only one cupcake) is a long metal post. I hammered a large nail into the wall, took the nail out and shoved the 3" post into the wall until it was flat against the wall.

 That is it! I love it!! My husband was even surprised how great it turned out.

I have another 40 count Wilton's Cupcake Stand in the garage. My daughter wants one in pink for her room :)

So what do you think??
I hope you pin it to your favorite board!

August 6, 2012

DIY Bottle Cap Organizer

Bottle Cap Organizer

 I am a crafter and I craft with many tiny items like beads, rhinestones, & pearls. Instead of taking the whole bag of rhinestones to my table, I fill up little bottle caps with the items I'm working with.

I, also, made another Bottle Cap Organizer for my bathroom. It holds the jewelry I wear most often. I like to take my jewelry off before I shower and it holds it perfect.

To DIY you will need:
Spray Paint
Bottle Caps
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

You can make it as big or small as you would like.

Just cut your cardboard to size, hot glue your bottle caps on, and spray paint all over.

Another Idea....
You could also mod podge some scrapbook paper on the cardboard, spray paint the bottle caps, then glue them onto your scrapbook paper. Once I create this I thought it would look cute having zebra paper and pink bottle caps. Maybe for Madison.

 Bottle Cap Jewelry Organizer

Bottle Cap Craft Organizer 

What do you think? What small items could you make this to hold? Please, leave a comment and let me know :)

August 3, 2012

Memory Board Graduation Cake with pictures

Memory Board Graduation Cake
 I made this cake for my brother's girlfriend Casey! She graduated 5th in her class. Congratulations Casey! We are very proud of you :)

 Casey's mother had the idea of doing a memory board for the bottom tier. Love the idea!!

I took 10 edible pictures and turned it into a memory board.

 Happy Graduation sign held up with an fondant push pin.

 Diploma, Graduation Cap, and Edible Picture Frame.

This cake was a huge hit! I also created a cake that you will see next week for Casey's cousin. They had a jointed graduation party.

I hope you come back next Sweet Friday to see another graduation cake I created. You might have seen it before ;)



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