August 27, 2012

First Day of School Picture Ideas

 First Day of School Picture Ideas
There are so many different ways to creatively capture the first day of school. I like the idea of holding a sign that says what grade she's going in.
Or you can have a shirt made that says it all....
 Madison started the 2nd grade today in style. She is a sassy little thing and I am very proud of her. She is entering the 2nd grade on a 5th grade reading level :) PROUD MOMMY!
2nd Grade ROCKS Embroidery Shirt from Tutu Fairy!!
 This morning we surprised her with the "M" necklace that is hanging around her neck. Just a small "Surprise" gift for the first day of school letting her know how proud we are and how great this year is going to be. We've done this every school year and plan on doing it every year to come.

Pinterest has several creative first day of school ideas I found. Check them out....
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Side walk chalk from
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Childs Favorite Things Photo from
Chalk Board Sign from Kelly's Korner.
 What creative ideas do you have? Leave a comment or send me an email of your pictures to


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