October 29, 2012

DIY Candy Tutu Basket {Tutorial}

Trick or Treat Tutu Basket
Halloween is in a few days and Madison did not have anything to hold her Halloween candy, so I made her this Halloween Candy Basket.

It's so simple to do and you will get so many compliments on how cute it is.
Glue some spiders on to finish the look.
You may remember this Easter Tutu Basket I made.
Click this link to learn how to make this creation yourself.

October 25, 2012

DIY Halloween Bottle Cap Bow Centers

Halloween Bottle Caps
 Are you ready for Halloween? Chances are you are like me and you are just now thinking about what your kids are going to wear to school on Halloween. Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so it will be a school day.
 I've already got the costumes figured out, but I didn't think about the cute school outfit she will wear. I made a couple Halloween bows for next week and we decided to create some Halloween Bottle Caps for the bow centers.
So easy to DIY!
You will need.... 
 Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Halloween Bottle Cap Image
Painted Bottle Caps
1" hole punch
Blow dryer (optional)
DIY Steps:
1. You can create your own Halloween Bottle Cap Images by your self or you can purchase some online. I just purchased mine online via Etsy. Just print them out and punch out with a 1" hole punch.
2. Paint Mod Podge on your bottle cap
3. Add your bottle cap image to your bottle cap.
4. Paint more Mod Podge over you image. Let dry.
5. Repeat step four 2 or 3 times.
Tip: Get the kids involved!!
Let the kids do this! This is a great, easy, and fun kids craft!
 Madison helped me with her bows and to speed the process up we used a hair blow dryer on the cool setting.
Once they are dry hot glue them on to your bows :)
Don't limit this creation to just bows. Think of the endless possibilities! What could you make out of these cute Halloween bottle caps? Magnets or necklaces come to mind. What do you think?

October 21, 2012

DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath

Dismembered Skeleton Wreath
DIY Monday

This Skeleton Halloween Wreath might have been a little too easy to make. Anyone can make this Skeleton Wreath and the end result is fabulous. (The picture above is from my Instagram. You can follow my instragram by searching Tutu Fairy.)
I took the skeltons from Jaxson's Pirate Party and turned them into this Dismembered Skeleton Wreath.
I got most of my supplies from the Dollar Store.
All you need...
2 Dollar Store Skeleton Garlands (white & Black)
Dollar Store Large Skeleton
Dollar Store Wreath
Dollar Store Spider Webbing
White String
Glue Sticks and Glue Gun

Just Dismember some of the Skeltons and make a pile of bones. Glue however you want. Here are some pictures of my Skeleton Halloween Wreath...


Have you decorated for Halloween yet? What's your favorite DIY Halloween Decor?


October 5, 2012

Fondant Pirate Cake with Skull Cake Topper

Pirate Cake
Cakes by Raychel

 We had Jaxson's Pirate Party last Sunday and this was the Pirate Cake that I made for his special day.

This Pirate Cake is a three tier stacked cake . I topped the top of the cake with an edible skull that I made a few days prior.

 I made the skull cake topper out of white chocolate. I used a toothpick to give him some cracks and painted them in with brown and black food coloring. I just painted over the crack then wiped off. I think he came out perfect.

 The top tier of the cake was covered in red fondant and had a handcrafted fondant pirate scroll with Jaxson's name on it.

The middle tier is my favorite. I had drew the map using an edible cake marker. I used pirate stamps (as seen in this post here) as my inspiration and guide for the boats, skull, and octopus.

I love the Ahoy Matey Happy Birthday sign that I made out of fondant to imitate wood.

The sword going through the cake is gum paste over wire. The left side of the sword kept falling backward so it looks a tad bit off in this picture. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Here is the cake sketch I drew vs. the cake I made.

Pretty close, with some minor color changes :)
Do you have a birthday party coming up? Do you decorate your own cakes or have a baker do it?

October 2, 2012

Sweet Barbecue Meatball Recipe

Sweet Barbecue Meatballs
I do not think I've ever been to my mom's house for a family event without these meatballs. They are a family tradition and I do not know life without them. They are so easy to make and will be a huge hit at your next family gathering.
My mom made these for Jaxson's Pirate Party and we called them Cannon Balls.
They are so good! Here is the recipe...
....Sweet Barbecue Meatballs....
Pre-Cooked Frozen Italian Meatballs- 3lbs
KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce - Regular sized bottle
Grape Jelly - Small Jar
Place all items in crock pot.
Mix together well.
Cook on high until they are hot, then turn on low. Cook for a total of 3-4 hours.

The Best Pinwheel Recipe

 Pinwheel Recipe
Every year I try to have the same finger foods for the kids birthday parties, because they are such a huge hit. However, I am not much of a cook so I ask for help from my parents and mother-in-law.
My Mother-in-Law makes the best pinwheels I have ever tasted. Here is the recipe....
The Best Pinwheels
2 - 8 oz pkgs cream cheese
Small can chopped black olives (won't even use half)
Celery (chopped - however much you want to use)
1 pkg original Ranch mix
Green onions (chopped- just however many you want)
Flour tortillas

Just mix and then taste and add more if you think it needs more. Mix all together and spread on tortilla and roll up.

Refrigerate overnight and then slice.
My husband and I can not stop eating these pinwheels. We love them!
Test them out and let me know what you think. What is your favorite Pinwheel Recipe?

October 1, 2012

DIY Pirate Loot Bags

Pirate Goody Bags
Lets stamp on some muslin bags today and make some cute Pirate Favor Bags. I made these bags for Jaxson's 3rd Pirate Birthday Party and they were a big hit.
You can do these bags for any theme or occasion.
All you need to make your own Pirate Loot Bags...

 Any themed stamps. I used Pirate Stamps.
Stamp ink pad. I used black.
Red Fabric Paint.
Muslin Bags
 Ink your stamp.
Stamp your bag. This "THANK YOU" stamp is for the back side of my Pirate Goody Bag.
 X marks the spot at every pirate party. I used my red fabric paint for the X. Let dry before adding more stamps...
 Now, stamp the front of your bag along the red path.
 Looks like the little Pirate found his treasure eh matey?!
 Isn't this fun! Think of the endless possibilities! What do you want to stamp on these little bags?


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