November 15, 2012

How To Make Fondant Ruffles {Tutorial}

DIY Ruffle Cupcakes
 Thanks for stopping by today! You may remember the Cheetah Ruffle Cake and Cupcakes I made a few months ago. If you do not remember, here is the link. 
I've received several emails asking how to make edible ruffles like the Cheetah Ruffle Cake, so here is my tutorial.
You will need:
Fondant (any color) - I used black.
Edible Pearls (silver, white, or both) - I used Silver Dragees.
Wooden Dowel

Roll out your fondant double the length you need. Cut your fondant. I cut my fondant the width of my ruler and as long as it was rolled out.
It was rolled out about 16 inches and 2 inches wide. Exact measurements do not matter.

 Accordion fold your fondant.
Cut off the excess fondant to create a straight edge on the top and bottom.
 Use your wooden dowel and press it down in the middle of your accordion fold. This will make your ruffles. 
Roll your wooden dowel from side to side to make the fondant smooth.
Down the middle of your ruffle press indentations with the backside of your water brush. This will help hold some of your beads in place.
 With your brush, add some water down the center of your ruffle and then add you beads or pearls.
Do not add too much water.
 Press your beads down to secure them in place. Move your finished ruffle to your cake or cupcake.
Thanks for reading!
I hope it was super easy to follow. If you have any questions please let me know.

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