February 24, 2012

Birthday Proposal Engagement Ring Cake. {Sweet Friday}

Engagement Ring Box Cake

 So, I made two cakes for one very lucky lady. It was her birthday so I made a cute little birthday cake with an edible brooch. Then, I made this small 6" cake with an Engagement Ring Box and 2 dozen matching cupcakes. This cake was a surprise cake after he popped the question at her birthday party. HOW SWEET!

The ring box was made out of a rice kripy treat covered in fondant. The ring is made out of gumpaste. I used silver pearl dust to get it nice and shiny.

This was her birthday cake. 12" round cake with quilted design, pearls, and dragees.

The large bow was made out of fondant/gumpaste, and the edible brooch was made out of pearls and dragees. I love how the brooch turned out ;)

February 23, 2012

DIY Painted Pine Cones. Mix with potpourri.

Painted Pine Cones

 I had some potpourri around the house that was brown and tan. I need it to match my living area more so I just painted a few pine cones that I found from outside and threw it in the mixture.

Simple! You should do it to :)

 Just buy some pinecones or go outside and look around. Get some spray paint and spay the pine cones with serveral thin layers of paint. Let the paint dry inbetween layers.

Once the pine cones are completely dry just mix it up with your scented potpourri.

 Now your potpourri will tie together with your other {home decor}


February 22, 2012

Spring Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers.

Spring Yarn Wreath

 Check out this ADORABLE Spring Yarn Wreath made by a MCW reader named Sophia Grace.

Sophia said it was very time consuming wrapping the yarn around... but so cute!

 Sophia cut out differnt shapes, size, and colored flowers out of felt and stacked them on top of eachother with a hot glue gun. The white polka dots are painted on with White Acrylic Paint.

 Perfect spring time wreath.

Close up

Thanks Sophia for sharing your creative way with us. It's super cute and I can't wait to make my own spring time wreath :)

February 21, 2012

Are you on Instagram?

What is Instagram?

I went to the country this weekend to visit my in-laws. This is their land. I love this picture!

I love Instagram! Instagram is an app I just added to my Iphone a week ago. It's great! I only have 3 followers and have only added a handful of pictures but it's great. I can take a picture and make it look "retro" and it will add it to my instagram page, facebook page, and twitter page all at once. Easy!
First picture using instagram. Just testing it all out :)
Jax and I playing around with Instagram
Making a wish
Madison was interested in learning about Instagram too :)
Jax and his fangs. He may be a vampire!
My Barbie Girl
I am one lucky lady!
Jaxson ready for bed!
Good night y'all! Test out Instagram :) It's fun!
 My Instagram user name is TutuFairy  
Find out more about Instagram {HERE}

February 20, 2012

Remove objects from photos using Paint. {DIY Monday}


I don't know if this post will be helpful. I didn't know how to take pictures of my screen as I was doing it and I don't know if I will word everything right so you can understand. I tried the Prt Sc button but I couldn't find where my computer (new computer) stored the picture. I'm just going to try to walk you through it.

 In this picture there is 3 green poles and a silver fire hydrant in the top left corner. I also went ahead and took out the thin tree.

 DIY Steps:
  1. Open the picture with Paint
  2. Click on the "SELECT" rectangle button (top left side)
  3. Make sure it's selected on the "Rectangular Selection"
  4. Draw a rectangular shape next to thing you want to cover up. Like you want to copy a section of grass to paste it over the fire hydrant.  
  5.  Instead of copy and pasting it just draw a rectangular shape big enough to cover the object and pull it using your cursor to make the rectangular shape bigger. Pull it over the object and it will cover the object right up.
  6. You could simply copy a section of grass and paste it over but you might get lines. If you do the above steps you are taking a section of grass and stretching it out over the object so it's all connected and will not produce as many lines.
  7. If I made no sense to you at all just play with it. Once you figure it out it's easy.
Maybe I should work on the crack on the side walk. hmm...

Hope this was helpful :)

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February 18, 2012

Cheetah & Zebra Tutu Sets {Tutu Fairy}

Animal Print Tutu Sets

By customer request I made this Cheetah & Zebra Tutu Set for twin girls second birthday.

Each Tutu Set Includes:
Tutu Skirt with Bow
Fabric Applique Shirt with Age or Initial
2 Detachable Shoulder Puffs
and 5" double layered hair bow

February 17, 2012

Damask Zebra Cake. Black & White Fondant Cake. {Sweet Friday}

Damask & Zebra Fondant Cake

 I made this cake a couple weeks ago for a girl turning into a teenager. The bottom tier is a round 8" with Damask details. The middler tier is a 6" square cake with diamonds. And the top tier is a hand-carved 4" round cake with zebra details. Then, the cake is topped with a black fondant bow.

 I stamped a little "Happy 13th Birthday" sign for the cake. Learn about stamping on fondant {HERE}.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you going to do something creative? If so what?

This weekend I will take Birthday Pictures of my daughter, Madison. She will turn 7 in a few weeks and wants to have a Barbie Party. OMG... SO EXCITED! I think I was born to party plan :)


February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Sweets Table. DIY candy table ideas.

Valentine's Day Table Ideas

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day! I know this post will not help you out this year, since Valentine's Day is over, but I hope it will give you some inspiration for next years Valentine's Day.

I wanted to surprise my daughter for after school. I wanted something small but creative that didn't cost me too much money, so I made a Valentine's Sweets Table.

I grabbed all the Valentine decorations I had around the house and decorated a small card table. You can't really see the balloons, but I bought 8 balloons and put 4 on each side of the table.

The Back Drop:
I used red fabric with white hearts for the backdrop. You could use wrapping paper, but when you take a picture it will glare.

The Table:
Use a red plastic table cloth to cover the table. I bought the kids 2 little monkeys that I sat on the table.

The Subway Art:
Print out your own Valentine's Day Subway Art {HERE}. There are several different ones to choose from. 

The Cupcakes:
Make some homemade strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting and add some cute heart toothpicks. Make the heart toothpicks yourself or just purchase a bag like I did. It came with 24 heart toothpicks and 24 heart cupcake liners.

Valentine Wreath
You may remember this Birds Nest Valentine's Day Wreath I made from this {post}.

DIY Candy Suckers:
We made extra candy melts from this {POST}.

DIY Candy Holder:
This DIY Candy Holder is very similar to the {Marshmellow Holder} I made for my daughters Zebra Party. Just get a 6" round dummy cake, wrap ribbon or wrapping paper around it, Pin or tape in place, push your candy sticks into the styrofoam, and top it with candy to cover the styrofoam. I used those candy heart candies. 

Candy Necklackes:
I bought a box of DIY Candy Necklaces and made one to show the kids.
This was their Valentine's Day Craft and they had fun creating their own candy necklaces.

Anything goes and the kids loved the surprise!

 My Valentine :)

How was your Valentine's Day?


February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Shirts for Brother & Sister

Valentine's Day Shirts for Kids

 Last night I stayed up late and made some last minute Valentine's Day shirts for the kids.

For Madison I printed out the word "LOVE" and made this Love shirt out of different Valentine fabric I had in stock.

 Jaxson was not a fan of the 7am photo session, but I made him this red and white stripe tie using this tie {template}.

Valentine's Day 2012 * Madison and I before school.

So you may remember this {post}.
My husband read my post and surprised me with the necklace I wanted. He's a keeper!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have a sweet surprise for my kids later today. Come back later and check it out :)

February 13, 2012

DIY Fondant Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers. {DIY Monday}

Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and lots of men will be popping the question. These engagement ring cupcakes will be perfect for the upcoming engagement party. I did not make these cupcakes, but I did help make these Fondant Engagement Ring Cupcake Toppers.

You Will Need:
Paint Brush
Wilton's Yellow Pearl Dust
Wilton's Silver Pearl Dust
Engagement Ring Candy Mold
Baking Spray
Exacto Knife
Clear Vanilla Extra or Lemon Juice

DIY Steps:

  1. Knead a small piece of fondant with your hands until it's soft and pliable. Just enough fondant to fit inside your engagement ring candy mold.
  2. Very lightly spray the engagement ring candy mold with baking spray.
  3. Press your fondant inside the candy mold.
  4. Slowly remove fondant from the candy mold.
  5. Cut the excess fondant from your fondant engagement ring with the exacto knife.
  6. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with the silver pearl dust and paint it on the fondant engagement ring.
  7. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with the yellow pearl dust and paint it on the diamond part of the engagement ring. (we mixed yellow and white pearl dust together so it was just a hint of yellow)
  8. Add a few coats of pearl dust if needed.
  9. Let dry overnight and add it to baked and frosted cupcakes.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!
What surprises do you have instore for your loves? Come back tomorrow to see what I have planned.

Friday I will post an Engagement Ring Cake I made :)


Linked at:
Tip Junkie handmade projects

February 12, 2012

Valentine Card Ideas {Pin it Sundays}

Valentine Cards for Kids

Pinned Image

Handmade Monkey & Lion Valentine from Lisa Storms.

DIY Love Juice Valentine from A Second Street.

DIY Valentine Candy Pencils from  Simply J Studio.

These are simple, cute, and GREAT! I feel a creative itch coming on :)

February 11, 2012

Zebra Cupcake Tutu Set. Tutu Fairy

Zebra Cupcake Tutu Set

 By customer request I made this Purple Zebra Tutu Set with a cute little Cupcake shirt.

Zebra Cupcake Tutu Set Includes:
Tutu Skirt with Bow
Cupcake shirt with age
and 5" double layered hair bow

Extra Full Tutu Skirt with Purple Zebra Bow.

 Zebra Cupcake Shirt with Rhinestone Sprinkles and Age.

Purple Zebra double layered Hair Bow


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