September 28, 2012

Turquoise Zebra Cake

Zebra Fondant Cake
 This Turquoise Zebra Cake was a nice change of the normal pink and zebra cake that you can view here and here.

We both know how much I love making zebra cakes, but making it turquoise was a breath of fresh air. I love the colors!
I think the reason I love to create zebra cakes so much is because you can not go wrong with the zebra stripes. Once you know the technique on how to make the zebra stripes it is super easy and stress free.
Please, let me know if you would be interest in learning how to make zebra stripes out of fondant. I will make up a tutorial on my next zebra cake if you are interest. Leave a comment below.

September 27, 2012

How to make a GHOST out of tulle

Tulle Ghost Tutorial
Who doesn't love a good easy Ghost Craft! Better yet, lets make it out of TULLE! I just love tulle, don't you?
This Tulle Ghost Tutorial is fun and easy for the kids to do, too!
All you need:
White Tulle (I use 3 6x25 rolls. One roll will be enough. I just cut 3 at a time.)
White String
Black Paint or Marker (I used black fabric paint)
Tulle Ghost Tutorial:
Cut 21 strands of white tulle at 16" long.

 Fold the tulle in half to find the middle. String it together leaving a strand of string to hang up your ghost when we are finished.
Keep your ghost folded in half. About 3" down from your string tie another string around your tulle forming the head of your ghost.
Trim the bottom of your tulle into a point with your scissors.

Add black Ghost eyes & mouth.
Thank you for reading this tutorial! Have fun creating :)
Learn how to make a Tulle Pumpkin Here!

September 25, 2012

Embroidery Pirate Birthday Age Shirt

Pirate Birthday Shirt

My little man is turning 3 years old this week and for his birthday I made him this Pirate Age Birthday Shirt. I think it is super cute!
You can order one from Tutu Fairy Age 1-9. 
 This is a long sleeve shirt that I rolled the sleeves up. Learn more about this DIY Pirate Banner HERE.
Stay connected with My Creative Way. I have a lot of Pirate Party Ideas to share soon :)

September 24, 2012

Wrapping Paper Walls. Kids Craft.

Wrapping Paper Walls
The other day I couldn't get the kids to play together. They both was very clingy to me and I had many orders to work on. At the time I was working on this Guitar Cake and I had wrapping paper in front of me and a light bulb went off in my head. I decided to tape wrapping paper down the hallway wall and let the kids color on it!
It was a hit! The kids sat and colored for over an hour. They didn't fight and it was so sweet watching Madison help Jaxson putting the lids back on the markers. The best part, I got to work without distraction for over an hour :) and I could still keep an eye on them!
I couldn't even get them to turn around for a quick pic.
If you need a moment of personal time and they refuse to play in their room this may work!
Test it out. It's fun :)

September 22, 2012

Hot Pink Zebra Romper & Headband

Zebra Petti Romper
Take a look at the new rompers at Tutu Fairy! We have so many styles to choose from. This is one of my favorite styles. It's the Hot Pink Zebra Romper in size newborn-5t.

To find out more information please go to
Petti Rompers make cute Halloween Costumes! Check out these creations from Tutu Fairy...

September 21, 2012

Fondant Race Car Cake

3 Tier Race Car Cake
 My nephew Logan turned 2 a couple months ago and I had the privilege to make this cake for his 2nd birthday.
I wanted to challenge myself with a different layout than the normal 3 tiered stacked cake. The middle tier is smaller than the top tier. This has become my new favorite cake that I've created.
The cakes are a 6" cake, 4" cake, and 8" cake. The race cars are made from a rice krispy treat covered in fondant, so is the candle. 
 I will post a tutorial on how to make your own birthday candle soon!
The cake bunting was new for me too! I used fabric, glue, and 2 candy sticks.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this cake! Leave a comment if you have any questions.
It's going to be a Sweet Friday!!!

Victoria Secret PINK Cake

V.S. Dog Cake
 This Victoria Secret PINK cake was made for a teenage girl turning 14.
This PINK cake is a 6'' round cake and a 4" round cake. I hand carved the letters "PINK" with an exacto knife since I didn't have cutouts for this font.
I really enjoyed making this cake and would love to make it again. This cake is pink and girly and Victoria Secret. Can't go wrong with that combination.
I hope you have a wonderfully Sweet Friday!

September 20, 2012

How to make a PUMPKIN out of tulle

Pumpkin Tulle Tutorial

As you know I work with tulle on a daily basis. I've had this idea in my head since last year and finally decide to create it. A TULLE PUMPKIN!
If you remember how to make a TULLE POM POM PUFF you will find this tutorial super easy.
I've never seen a Tulle Puff Pumpkin and can't wait to show you. It's so cute!
Supplies needed to make it yourself....
Orange Tulle (One 6 inch by 25 feet of tulle will work, but I cut 3 at a time so I use 3 rolls)
1 Brown Tulle
2 Small Rubber Bands
Black felt (optional)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)
Gather your tulle and line up 3 orange tulle's at once. You can cut them one at a time, but cutting 3 at a time will save you some cutting.
Cut your tulle...
I want a 8" pumpkin, so I cut my tulle at 8.5 inches. I cut my tulle 15 times, making 45 strands of orange tulle. If you are cutting one by one, cut 45 strands of tulle.

This is not an exact science. You can cut more or less tulle depending on how full you want your pumpkin to be.
Gather your tulle up (doesn't have to be perfectly even) and find the middle. Rubber band the middle in place or string it together.

 Cut 3 strands of brown tulle (16") and tie it in a double knot securing your orange tulle.
 Braid the brown tulle and secure it with a rubber band. If the brown braid is too long for your pumpkin cut it to make it shorter. I kept mine long.
Gather the ends of one side of your pumpkin and cut the ends to make it straight. Do the same thing to the other side of your pumpkin.

Separate your tulle pumpkin one side at a time to form a ball shape.

Leave your pumpkin as is or cut a fun face out of black felt.

Hot glue in place for a super fun and cute Halloween Tulle Pumpkin Craft.
 I bet it is ADORABLE! Please leave a comment if you created a tulle pumpkin puff. How did it go?  Was it super easy?
~Coming Soon~
Please stay connected with My Creative Way! You know you want to see the tutorial on
how to make a Tulle Ghost.  
~Coming soon~

September 19, 2012

DIY Phone Number Necklace

Resin Jewelry
Last week Madison went to Disney World with her cousin, aunt, & uncle. Madison does not know their numbers so I made Madison and her cousin these Resin Phone Number Necklaces for them to wear in case they got separated.
It was so easy to do. All you need is a charm, necklace chain, phone number printed out on paper, a toothpick, and some jewelry resin. I purchased all these items at my local craft store. The Enchanted charm was perfect for this special occasion.
Print out the phone numbers and with your resin glue it to the backside of the charm. Place resin over the phone number and use a toothpick to spread it evenly to the edges without going over. Let it cure and you are all done :)
Madilyn & Madison having a wonderful time!

September 18, 2012

Handmade Dog Collars by Sweet Keeps

Guest Blogger
Candy from Sweet Keeps
About Sweet Keeps’ Owner

Sweet Keeps Owner, Founder, and Creator is Candy Smith.
Here’s a little about me and my personal life. I am a devoted Christian, wife, and ‘dog mom’. When I am not going to school or studying to become a Registered Nurse, I am creating! My other interests include sports, working out, and cars. I am a proud Texas girl- born and raised.
Though I am very excited about my career choice, being a full-time Nursing student comes with a lot of studying and coursework. All this time commitment to school leaves it difficult for me to find time to work outside of home. Etsy is a great place for me to sell my beloved creations and make a bit of money. I get to work from home between my studying and do what I love; creating!
This all started when I was about thirteen years old; my grandmother taught me to sew. Since then, I have been putting all sorts of things together. I started out making clothes, moved onto making purses, and then onto quilts. I also crochet, appliqué, and do many other crafts. You name it, I have tried making it, and if I haven’t, I probably will! It definitely takes a special person to put the patience, practice, and commitment into making great products. I find great pleasure in my completed projects and want to share those with all of yall!
After many of my family and friends kept pushing me to start selling my handmade items, I finally caved and opened a shop on Etsy about a year ago. At the start, my shop consisted of crocheted baby items and quilts. I love making all of these items still, but I am so much fonder of my doggie creations!
I have been a dog lover and owner since a child, and am very picky about the collars they wear. Everything is so limited at the stores, and when you see other dogs wearing the same thing, it becomes frustrating! Possibilities are endless when you make your dogs’ collars, or when you know a lady that makes them ;). Not everyone likes the same thing, and people crave the quality and uniqueness you get in handmade items! This is why my availability for custom orders is so important to me. Plus, if you are a fellow ‘Dog Mom’ and spoil your pup like me, a custom look for him/her is a must! Your dog deserves Sweet Keeps!
Convo me via Etsy for a custom order, or feel free to email me:

Sweet Keeps is online:

September 17, 2012

DIY Pirate Birthday Banner

DIY Pirate Birthday Banner
 Make your own Birthday Sign Banner for your next party! This pirate banner is easy to make it yourself. I made this banner for Jaxson's 3rd Birthday Party.
All you need to make this Pirate Banner....
Computer, Printer, Black Ink
3 Layers of Paper
(I used a tan cursive writing paper, red & white striped paper, & a mixture of more writing paper & black & tan striped paper)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Bowl of Water
Instagram picture. Follow me on instagram! Search TUTU FAIRY

You already know what to do! I really do not need to add the steps but here they go....
1. Print out HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAXSON on your cursive paper. I printed out 2 letters at a time.
2. Cut each letter out to the size you want.
3. Cut out the red & white paper 1" larger than the cursive paper.
4. Cut out the 3rd layer of paper 1" larger than the red & white stripe paper.
5. Layer the paper and glue them into place with glue at the top corners of each layer.
6. With a bowl of water by your side set fire to your paper slowly. Once a flame touches your paper blow it out immediately. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! If the flame gets too big to blow out dump it in water!! Do this step at your own risk.
7. Glue rope to the back of your banner.

8. Be proud of your handmade banner and hang it with pride at your next party!
More Pirate Party Ideas coming soon!!!

September 15, 2012

Vintage Inspired Ivory Tutu Dress

Vintage Inspired Flower Girl Dress
 This vintage inspired ivory tutu dress is a perfect dress for a flower girl in an upcoming wedding or for a fun photo shoot. This is my daughter Madison and I just love everything about this picture. She is holding back laughter but her eyes are saying it all.
This Ivory Flower Girl Tutu Dress is wrapped in light pink satin ribbon, comes with a rosette sash, and a rosette headband.
Make it a short tutu dress or a long tutu dress. Pair it with cowgirl boots for that country wedding. My country girl hardly ever takes her cowgirl boots off.

September 14, 2012

Mini Witch Romper Costume

Petti Little Witch Costume
 Isn't this Petti Little Witch the CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN! This is a high school friends little girl and she is so much fun to photograph.
 This Petti Little Witch Costume from Tutu Fairy was made with a black lace petti romper, embellished with ribbon rosettes, feathers, polka dot tulle, and rhinestones, and an embellished mini witches hat headband.
 The mini witches hat fits perfect on infant to adults.
To order please go to

Life Size Guitar Cakes. Sweet Friday.

Life Size Guitar Cakes
In May 2012, I was asked to make a life size guitar cake. I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed. Luckily it ended up being very easy to make. A little time consuming, but easy.
The blue electric guitar cake was for a high school Graduation Party and the green electric guitar cake was for a little boys 7th Rock Star Birthday Party in August 2012.
 The strings on the Blue Electric Guitar Cake was made from fondant and the Green Electric Guitar Cake strings was made from silver embroidery thread.
I'll stick to the embroidery thread. Looks cleaner.
I gave both cakes a 2 toned look by painting a mixture of silver pearl dust, (same color as the cake) Wilton's gel coloring, and vanilla extra.
Learn how to carve your own guitar cake from this post.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a very Sweet Friday :)



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