October 18, 2013

Work from Home with Younique

Hey everyone!
I hope you are all doing well. My life has been busy since my last post. Tutu Fairy is busy, the kids have more activities, I became a Fire fighters wife (husband made his dream come true), and I started a new business.
Yep you read that right. I stopped doing cakes, and I am weaning my way out of Tutu Fairy. CRAZY CHANGES!
I discovered, from another blogging friend, a company called Younique. Have you heard of it? Younique offers high quality beauty products (make-up/skin care company) that uses naturally based products that avoid harmful ingredients and cheap fillers like talc & corn starch (bare minerals sells some very pricey corn starch).
If you are interested in more information please contact me. This company is a new company, less than a year old, so you would come on at the ground level. I signed up #2264. That's exciting!! When I singed up for Mary Kay in my early 20's I was number___?___ I don't even know, but it's hundreds of thousands. And I did good in Mary Kay but I didn't feel that it was a young company. I felt like an old lady trying to sell make-up to other old ladies and I was only 21 years old. Younique is young and fun!
The lady who I signed up under is already getting checks over $5,000 monthly. That's insane and I know that I will be there someday soon :)
I would love for you to join my team!!
It is $99 to join my team. You get a start up kit and you will get added to a fb group that helps and supports you along the way. You will never feel alone in this company.
  Top Selling Product is these 3d fiber lashes! Look how pretty my eyes look :)
Every time I put on this mascara I get compliments all day long. I love them!
My start up kit came with 30 eye shadows (15 matte. 15 shimmer), 6 concealers, 5 blushers, 3D fiber lashes, eye brush set, free website for 3 months, $10 Younique Cash.
You got this! Start making your dreams come true today :)
Start your own business today! Work from home! Set your own hours!
Treat it like a real business and you will have great success!


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